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On a gloriously warm and sunny Sunday in London, Future Foundations hosted the first training event of the summer to draw in the incredible people across our Network who are in leadership roles. Over 30 staff were involved in the day; their roles over the summer include coaches, group leaders, course directors and more. Experience among the group varied from people’s first ever day with FF, to those who have been working with us for many years!

The event was a really unique chance to share the skills, knowledge, experiences and talents of the FF Network.  The day was a huge success – we had some fantastic contributions and people were able to share tips and insights on leading programmes. Some highlights included sharing the FF Principles, Vision and Mission, discussing the key responsibilities of the different roles our staff will take, and having an en-mass thumb wrestling challenge.

The day ended with an inspiring goal setting challenge.  We have all set ourselves a goal to reach in the next 30 days, we told each other what the first step to achieving this goal would be and you can see some of these posted on the FF Network Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing the day together, see you next year!