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On Tuesday 05th of June, Future Foundations headed to Eltham College, South East London. We were delighted to be delivering our third consecutive leadership day to 100 Year 12 students. The day was created in order to get students ready for the step up into Year 13 the pivotal point in which they become leaders within the school. The day was not limited to the development of leadership as team work, and self-confidence were  also explored when trying to get the students to think about the legacy they want to leave behind at their school. 

The programme was course directed by Jason who was accompanied by our Future Foundations coaches Amrit, Henderson, Olivia, Lina, Patrick, Nadia and Tamya.


An interesting and insightful in-depth look at the importance of leadership.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

I learnt about the details that accompany being a leader.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

Feel pleasantly surprised as was able to come up with innovative ideas that could help our community.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

It is an experience that has made important life skills like leadership become more easy to acquire, i.e. it seems easier to become a leader.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

On this Leadership Day We Sought To ...

  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their own learning, take advantage of academic and professional opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so.
  • Challenge students to find innovative solutions to school and local issues or opportunities establishing a culture of creative, engaged and proactive Sixth Formers ready to lead the school in Year 13.
  • Build the students’ leadership, confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building tasks.
  • Prepare students for the transition from Lower to Upper Sixth, giving them the skills to build their personal profile and successfully present themselves to admissions tutors and employers in the future.

Future Foundations provided a varied programme delivered across the school site, including experiential team tasks and reflection sessions throughout to relate learning to the objectives of the leadership day. The day was launched with a motivational plenary, delivered by Course Director Jason themed around ‘Living Leadership’. During this, Jason discussed everyone’s role and responsibility to be a leader within their school, community, and society. This was showcased through our practical task: driving me, where students learnt that they can direct their future if they want to.

Students were then split into groups where they worked through workshops themed around self leadership, leadership styles, your personality, lava challenge, and the sixth form challenge.

The programme was facilitated by an experienced team of positive, dynamic staff inspired by the firm belief that all young people are full of capability and possibility and throughout the programme there was an ethos of support, teamwork and cooperation.

This was the first time Future Foundations have delivered a programme at Eltham College and it was fantastic to work with a group of such engaged students and school staff. The final sessions of the day provided time for the students to reflect on the sessions that they had taken part in during the day. It is fair to say the message left ringing in the students ears was that setting goals is important. You become a leader by striving towards the goals you set for yourself.

After attending the programme

Participants understand the importance of pursuing their passions


Are committed to striving to always live in the in the present


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