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Future Foundations has just delivered the last in a series of Personal Development days at the 2015 Chinese Summer School, hosted by Wellington College.

Run by China UK Education, this is an annual three week English language and cultural exchange residential for young people from China, which Future Foundations have supported for a number of years now.

Over the course of three afternoons we delivered a series of experiential learning activities, aimed to increase participants confidence, team work and leadership skills. These included energising team challenges and goal setting sessions. The Future Foundations Course Director was Terence Lapuidus and the coach was Jay Surti.

Chinese Summer Schools Days 1, 2 and 3

‘Working with twenty four young 13 yr old students from China over the past three weeks was rewarding. Students came from different schools and parts of China and had a number of opportunities to work together and accomplish fun yet challenging leadership activities. When they weren’t outdoors, they were learning about about the importance of planning, time management and goal setting.

Personally, my best moment was watching one of the shy girls, who started in week one with a small amount of confidence, speak clearly in front of the entire class, about what her goals were and the next steps she would be taking upon her return to China.’

-Terrence Lapidus, Course Director

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