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Last week Future Foundations visited Petersfield for our first ever Prefect Training Day for Year 12 students at Churcher’s College. The split day programme was designed to prepare  young people for a leadership role within the school.

The programme was led by Jason Moore and our Future Foundations coaches were Mark Corbett and Shane Franklin.


The programme delivered interesting insights in the role of being a leader and it was enjoyable learning how to take on certain attributes ourselves.

Student, churcher's College

I actually enjoyed working with a very enthusiastic leader, discussing and building self belief.

Student, Churcher's College

Percentage of students that said they now felt committed to pursuing their passions.


Jason Moore said of the day that ‘the team and I had great a day at Churcher’s,  we were excited to bring our program of leadership skills and styles to the school. This program is lead with discussion, group work and discovery activities. The team of coaches and myself all agreed the students had an interest to discover there own leadership styles and skills and challenge their current perceptions to expand their understanding’.


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