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Future Foundations has just delivered the last in a series of fun filled activity sessions at the 2016 Chinese Summer School, organised by Berkshire International Summer Schools at Wellington College.

Very good and I learnt a lot. I am more sure that I will volunteer to be a leader as much as I can. We played a lot of activities and noticed the importance of leadership and teamwork.

Anonymous Participant

I think this is a meaningful experience for me.

Anonymous Participant

I think this class made me more confident.

Anonymous Participant

This annual three week English language and cultural exchange residential for young people from China, which Future Foundations have supported for a number of years now. This years’ programme was attended by 17 students aged 13-16 and a second group of 6 students aged 8-10. The residential  aimed to develop their language and self-leadership skills and enable them to see first-hand what life in the UK is like.

Over the course of three afternoons we delivered a series of team games, challenges and experiential learning activities, aimed to increase participants confidence, team work and leadership skills. Throughout they were encouraged to practice their English in an informal setting with our approachable and friendly FF coaches.


Anna Barker

Future Foundations coach.

This summer I had the pleasure of working with a group of Chinese Students in Berkshire on a Summer School. The participants worked with myself and 2 other coaches on 3 different occasions to improve their leaderships skills and capabilities. We focussed on games and activities ranging from blindfolded pair work to whole group exercises such as Toxic Dump and the holey pipe – a wet and wild water based challenge - encouraging participants to work together towards a common goal.

The young people were fantastic throughout and we saw them grow in multiple ways over a short period of time. They made vast strides in their level of English, their teamwork, communication and importantly their leadership capabilities.


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