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Future Foundations delivered a residential weekend at Kingswood Dearne Valley in Doncaster, for 57 Year 10 students from King’s Lynn Academy. Beginning on Friday 1st and ending on Sunday 3rd of November, the weekend combined support for GCSEs with activities to help the young people think about their future.

The programme was designed to help the participants develop self-confidence, resilience and motivation for study and career preparation.  They were challenged to take personal responsibility for success in their GCSEs, to set SMART goals, and it helped them learn how to manage stress and get ready for their exams. A range of team tasks and challenges were integrated into the course to develop confidence and resilience.

Bright Futures was Course Directed by Andy with Operations support from Jay. Sessions were led by five wonderful Future Foundations coaches – Tom, Chloe, Jennifer, Shane and Katie – and were supported by 7 staff members from King’s Lynn Academy.


We were delighted to be working alongside King’s Lynn Academy on this residential programme, as they are a long-standing and trusted client.

King’s Lynn Academy is a co-educational secondary school located in the Gaywood area of King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The school became an academy sponsored by the CWA Academy Trust in 2010.

“Our motto is ‘success in all we do’. We do not put any ceilings on how high our students can go and we have high ambitions for everyone here. We are an open, inclusive and warm community with a true family atmosphere.” 

The weekend was jam packed, with group coaching sessions, workshops, outdoor activities and one-to-ones happening back to back. They all reflected the four main areas of focus for the programme: time management, mental health, personal responsibility, and stepping out of comfort zones.

Exciting weekend with a class bunch of leaders and people


Enjoyable, educational and motivational


An amazing opportunity for everyone to learn more skills and learn more about themselves


I feel like I know myself better, and am therefore able to apply myself better to situations than I did before


It was fun, inspiring and a great experience to get me out of my comfort zone


Bright Futures Residential primary aims and objectives are as follows…

Build students self-confidence and motivation for study and career preparation.
Challenge students to take personal responsibility for success in their GCSEs; through commitment to revision and SMART goal setting.
Raise students aspirations around their future options post year 10.

81% of participants now feel inspired to achieve their full potential


63% of participants feel more able to bring their ideas to life


83% of participants would recommend Future Foundations to their friends


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