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Future Foundations’ busiest ever summer season of school programmes was launched in style this month with a Leadership Day at Bishops Stortford College in Hertfordshire.  The event was delivered to 120 Year 12 students, who took a break from revision to develop their leadership skills and team work, increase their self-confidence and think about the legacy they want to leave behind at their school.

The programme was course directed by Jay  with operations support from Olivia. Our Future Foundations coaches were Amit, Catherine, Chloe  Elizabeth, Neusha, Laina, Owen and Jennifer.


The objectives of the Leadership day were to:

  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their own learning, take academic and personal opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so.
  • Help students identify life goals and work back through life stages that will take them there; challenging them to identify current achievement needed for future success and their part in it.
  • Challenge students to find innovative solutions to school and local issues or opportunities establishing a culture of creative, engaged and proactive Sixth Formers
  • Build the students’ confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building tasks.
  • Special topics sessions encouraging students to broaden their perspectives, gain new skills and consider leadership roles and projects inside school.
  • Prepare students for the transition from Lower to Upper Sixth, preparing them to build their personal profile and successfully present themselves to admissions tutors and employers in the future.

It has been an enjoyable, friendly experience with which I now feel more confident in multiple aspects.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

I learnt about the details that accompany being a leader.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

I had a fun and eye opening experience today, I'm looking forward to my future.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

It is an experience that has made important life skills like leadership become more easy to acquire, i.e. it seems easier to become a leader.

Anonymous Participants Feedback

Future Foundations provided a varied programme delivered across the school site, including experiential team tasks and reflection sessions throughout to relate learning to the objectives of the leadership day. The day was launched with a motivational plenary, delivered by Course Director Jay themed around ‘Living Leadership’, exploring everyone’s role and responsibility to be a leader within their school, community and society as a whole.

Students then worked through workshops themed around Self-Leadership, Leadership Styles and outdoor team building activities to put their leadership skills and different theories into practice. After break they attended a Special Topics session of their choosing and the afternoon was spent working in teams on the Sixth Form Challenge, an activity which challenges participants to create and present an innovative solution to a school issue or opportunity for change and deliver it to the group in an ‘elevator pitch’.

The programme was facilitated by an experienced team of positive, dynamic staff inspired by the firm belief that all young people are full of capability and possibility and throughout the programme there was an ethos of support, teamwork and cooperation.

This was the first time Future Foundations have delivered training at Bishop’s Stortford College and it was fantastic to work with a group of such engaged students and school staff. In the final session of the day they were invited to make use of our new Future Foundations 30 Day Challenge app, a support tool to help participants to carry forward the energy and good intentions of the programme into their lives and achieve the SMART goals they had challenged themselves to complete over the next month.

Students that have so far committed to the 30 Day Challenge have set themselves goals such as to ‘exercise at least every other day’, another student challenged themselves to an earlier bedtime routine during the exam period, stating that achieving this goal was important to them because they were ‘tired of feeling tired’ and wanted to ‘wake up looking forward to the day and to feel alert and capable during the day’. They went on to say they ‘Want to see if I can change my bad habit, as it affects my life too much. Want to prevent it feeling like it is something that is not in my ability to alter and prove to myself that it’s not impossible. Also want to break the cycle of distraction that extends the time it takes me to do tasks and means it takes me longer to get to bed and I get to sleep later.’

After attending the programme

Participants understand the importance of taking risks


Participants set S.M.A.R.T goals after this programme


Participants would recommend Future Foundations


Participants feel inspired to achieve your full potential


Participants feel committed to taking responsibility for their own future


The 30 Day Challenge is an effective and proven goal setting technique which breaks down larger goals into manageable daily steps for a month at a time. Participants choose something they want to do differently, commit to achieving it, one day at a time for a month, and receive support along the way. We wish Bishop Stortford students good luck with the remaining weeks of their 30 Day Challenge and for those that haven’t yet signed up there is still time to kick start change in your life!

If you are interested in bringing Future Foundations training to your school please contact to explore how we can help your students to reach their full potential.


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