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Bertha Earth is launching the BE Changemakers programme, inviting activists, innovators, and creators between the ages of 16-17 who are passionate about making a change in the environmental space to join an incredible, fully funded opportunity starting January 2022.

What’s included: 

  • One year,
  • 13 online sessions, 
  • 22 passionate young environmentalists,
  • Experienced facilitators & guest speakers,
  • A cutting edge, holistic environmental curriculum, 
  • A fully funded five-day Changemakers retreat,
  • Monthly check-in calls post-retreat,
  • Online resources and an action support pack,
  • Contributing partners offering a wealth of experience.

Through this journey, they will support the young people to launch their environmental projects & ideas out into the world. 


They are looking for determined young people who have shown commitment to environmental causes or creative thinking. Their ideas or current projects can stem from any personal interests or passions ranging from activism, innovation or the arts.

  • UK based, aged 16-17 years olds (year 12).
  • They should have a well-formed idea or current project that will bring about meaningful environmental change.
  • Passionate about the natural environment.
  • A keen interest in and commitment to complete the whole programme.
  • Self-motivated, driven and ready to take action.


We invite you to nominate up to three young people that you believe would find this programme to essentially be a catalyst to support their passion for bringing about environmental change.

  1. Complete our nomination form* (open between 8th November 2021 and 26th November).
  2. Share the opportunity with your chosen young people and encourage them to complete an application. Support for sharing the opportunity can be found below.
  3. If you have nominated young people, but we have not received an application from them, we will send you a reminder to encourage them to apply by the application deadline. 

* You can make up to 3 nominations, where you will be required to complete one form per each nomination (one per young person).


Please ensure you notify your selected young people that they have been nominated and make them aware that they need to complete an application between 8-28th November.

  1. Share this link to the invitation page 
  2. Pass on the BE Changemakers flyer
  3. Share this message (please adapt as you see fit):

Hi [Name],

I want to inform you that I have nominated you for a new, fully-funded environmental programme starting in January 2022 – BE Changemakers. I believe you would be an excellent fit for the programme and encourage you to apply to be part of their fantastic journey. To find out more and get involved, take a look at their invitation page here. On the page, they have all of the information you’ll need to apply. The application process is pretty straightforward, and I think you’d find it quite enjoyable!

Applications are open from 8-28th November.

Best wishes, 

If this interests you or you know of organisations and/or schools within your network that might be interested in nominating a group of young people to be part of this exciting opportunity, please click here for a media pack.


Bertha Earth’s mission is to grow a diverse network of young environmental leaders, storytellers and changemakers who reignite a great love for our planet. They are the sister organisation of Bertha Foundation. Bertha has been working on the frontline of the climate justice movement for over a decade and is also well known for the documentaries they support, a few of which received Oscars. Bertha Earth was set up to work directly with young people and the environment. 


If you have any questions about the programme or the nomination process, please get in touch with us at