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Abigail Price (Programme Manager/Corporate Programme Director) at Enactus is going to be speaking at GSL this August, running a session entitled “Exploring the Need”. This session aims to inspire the young people to take action in response to needs in their communities.

The session will introduce Enactus’ method of identifying and responding to needs using Enactus project examples from Enactus UK projects, but also international teams’ examples.

Since Abigail was 16 she has had a passion for business and social change, however she never realised the two could go together.  During her final two years at school she set a small vintage clothing business and spent a lot of time volunteering with younger children, so when she went to university she knew these were two things she wanted to continue.  Wondering around Fresher’s Fair at Nottingham University she found Enactus, an organisation which using entrepreneurial action to improves people’s lives all over the World – the perfect opportunity to bring volunteering and business together.

Alongside her degree of Ancient History and Archaeology she joined the Enactus society and got involved with projects in the local community. During her time at university she helped set up 7 local projects through Enactus.

These projects included working with ex-offenders in prison to prepare them for work outside prison, reducing their risk of re-offending. In her final year she was fortunate to lead the Enactus Nottingham team of 200 members and nearly 30 social action projects around the world.


Whilst at university she also worked with Future Foundations during her summer on the NCS programme; it was a hugely inspiring experience to see the impact young people can have in their communities. This experience also inspired her when making the choice between working in the corporate world or working for social change when leaving university.

Abigail now works for Enactus UK, one of 35 Enactus countries across the world. Through her job she works with 17 of 54 universities in the UK to support them in developing Enactus projects locally and internationally. She also works with the teams to run training and mentoring on their projects and team development.

Several years on Abigail is still passionate about business and social change, but no longer sees them as separate, rather that business is a great way to drive social change.