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This week, 4th-8th July, I have been on work experience with FF. It has been a packed week which has taught me things and given me an experience that I shan’t forget. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

  • Day 1: Offices- on arrival in the offices I got the chance to read through what FF were really about and all the work they do, behind the scenes and during programmes. I also received my timetable of the week, seeing what my role is and how I can help throughout the week. It also meant that I can be organised for when I need to be helping. Although evaluation was a lengthy process of inputting data into the computer I really enjoyed doing IT and using Excel.
  • Day 2 – Day two was my first day doing operations on the GSL programme. It was really nice to meet the young people, although all were shy initially it was good to see how they developed throughout the day become more open and willing to get involved and talk to one another. In the evening, I got involved with one of the teams and watched their big debate. This was good to see the interpretation that the young people had when it came to local and global issues and what they though was most appropriate to solve.
  • Day 3 – After my first night on the residential I had an early morning watching Maniacs and taking some photos, the agility and enthusiasm of the coaches was great to see and really engaged the young people.  This helped me get an idea of the type of character needed if I wish to have roles like the coaches. It also made it a really enjoyable environment to work in. In the afternoon I did an assessment on the micro-finance challenge. This really linked the global issues to the real solutions we can do in order to help other areas.
  • Day 4- last day of GSL, another early start but I got to meet the McKinsey staff. I spent time doing the Quality Assessment and observed the sessions. I definitely think that day three was the busiest especially for Ops. I’ve been so busy packing away selecting photos and talking to the staff about their week. Getting to know what the coaches thought was great as they told me what it’s been like and how rewarding it feels when young people are happy about the course. Not only this but how much of a change they feel! Not to mention the awesome group photo at the end of the day!
  •  Day 5 – last day! spent some more time with the coaches on the McKinsey programme and was invited to run the energiser in the morning- this was really fun and made me feel really involved with the young people. I really enjoyed taking photos and videos of the adventure of the young people. Finally packing away and going home. I’m exciting to go home as I am soo tired but it’s been such a good few days!

My journey this week has taught me many things. Like many of the young people, I have learnt a lot about leadership by watching sessions run by the coaches, not only this but I was given the opportunity to run a couple of energisers in the morning. I have strengthened my time management through the programme.