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A returnee!

By August 22, 2018December 16th, 2019News

Always a bizarre experience to write your own mini bio / hello greeting… but here it goes 😉

FF has grown loads in the 4ish years I’ve been away… which is the first indicator that I’m a ‘returnee’ lol. One of the best things about FF has always been the people you meet through it… and it’s been awesome just this last week or so reconnecting to so many of you… AND I’m very much looking forward to greeting the many FF-er’s that I’m yet to know!

In the time I’ve been away I lived abroad in Thailand, and briefly in Bali and Argentina… met my husband, and now have a wee super gorgeous toddler. Oh and moved to the London suburbs, which I swore I’d never do. So never say never… it’s a total jinxer 🙂 !!

I first began with FF back in 2008 through a rapid series of synchronistic events (my favourite way for life to happen). I’d just returned from one of my many attempts to leave the UK on an ‘almost permanent’ move to Costa Rica… which evidently didn’t turn out to be permanent lol 😉 but is perhaps a useful thing to share as it’s a key aspect of who I am…

An experimenter and a traveller.

These two things have been a theme throughout my life… of countries & continents yes… but also of self & spirit…
…in the earthly, physical, body sense,
…the human, psychology, self-awareness sense,
and the otherworldly, spiritual & shamanic sense.

A third aspect, that’s of particular use in roles such as these is my somewhat strange love for creating order out of chaos… Get me in the right zone and I’m all over a spreadsheet, wordpress or wardrobe lol.

In fact if you haven’t read ‘The Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo, then do… despite its theme and title 😉 this book will likely get you so excited to tidy your whole home that you’ll be jumping up and down to book time off work to do so 😉


I’m so so looking forward to connecting to you all…

I’ll be based in the London office two days a week… mainly Monday & Wednesday’s… my role title is ‘Office & Community Manager’, this sounds definitive but is yet to be fully defined, and will no doubt unfold exactly as it needs to. It currently holds two elements… manage and organise our head-office & be the glue for the FF community 😉.

Much love,

Olivia x