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On the weekend of 11th and 12th November, Future Foundations coach Nadia Sibany travelled to Yorkshire to lead a series of three tailored workshops as part of a residential  to develop participant’s  leadership skills, enabling them to go back to their youth club and feel confident in leading a team of their peers through the delivery of a Big Music Project. The sessions included experiential team tasks such as the Lava Challenge, group reflection and practical project planning and goal setting workshops.

In supporting this programme Future Foundations are joining  some of the biggest brands in music to break barriers, creating and highlighting the best opportunities for young people across the UK, providing hands on skills building projects to inspire young people, improve their employment prospects and motivating them to launch their careers. The Big Music Project is a partnership between Global (who own Capital, Capital XTRA, Radio X and others) and UK Youth (the largest national charity for the youth sector), funded by The Big Lottery Fund.


Aims of the Future Foundations Workshops:

  • Build young people’s leadership, confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on a team building task;
  • Develop each participant’s understanding of different leadership styles, and how to show leadership for oneself and in the youth club community;
  • Enable the participants to connect and draw upon their shared experiences, ideas and energy to make the most of the residential weekend, launch and maintain a Big Music project after the programme;
  • Instil an understanding of the value of SMART goal setting and encourage young to commit to the Future Foundations 30 Day no Challenge.

“The weekend was a great success with positive outcomes for the young people taking part and many ‘light bulb’ moments. I was impressed with the attitude of everyone taking part and blown away by the sheer talent and maturity of the group. Participants were drawn from across the UK from a range of backgrounds and demonstrated a fantastic level of teamwork and support for one another. The jam sessions were really fun and served to connect the group (staff included) on a much deeper level.
I’m looking forward to following up with the participants in 2018 to help support them in launching impactful projects in their own communities and pursuing a future in the music industry.”

Nina Sibany, Future Foundations Coach