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What is Catch Up Funding?

The government has announced the release of funding to support children and young people to catch up when they return to school. This includes a one-off  catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time.

This page is to support you with resources and information surrounding the release of this funding.

How Future Foundations can help!

Future Foundations can help your students to rebuild confidence and skills lost due to the disruption of Covid-19, reduce any anxiety, and restore a sense of wellbeing for their school journey going forward. 

Future Foundations runs a variety of programmes, but we believe the programmes below will be hugely beneficial to your students returning to school after Covid-19. 

As well as the outlined content, all of our programmes include reflection sessions where students will be able talk about their experiences of being off school, being home schooled and any feelings they have surrounding these unprecedented times.

Our programmes also focus on the wellbeing and resilience of the students, aiming to reduce anxiety surrounding the global pandemic.

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Our programmes can be delivered in school or online.

GSL Catalyst @Home

The GSL Catalyst @Home has been curated for socially active and creative young peopleDuring the programme your students will build leadership, future world of work skills and confidenceThe programme creates a community where young people can share and discuss like-minded topics. They will have healthy debates with and learn how to launch successful projects in their community.

This is a 3-day online leadership programme followed by a period of independent challenges designed to put the learning into action. The programme has already been delivered to close over 1700 students in the UK. Further information available upon request and we encourage you to make an enquiry to discuss this programme in more details.

Wellbeing and Resilience Day

Wellbeing and resilience are key attributes that young people need to support them not only at school, but for the rest of their lives.

This programme reflects on the student’s current wellbeing and resilience and develops tools for managing stress and pressure within school and in life. It will give them strategies and a toolkit that they can keep returning to whenever they need to.

Covid 19 has affected everyone in different ways, and this programme will let the students explore their experiences and support them to move forward and enjoy their school year.

Induction Day

Transitioning into a new school, or sixth form can be an unsettling time for young people, unfortunately even more so due to Covid 19.

This one day programme will replace general skills, confidence and aspirations that may have been lost due to Covid 19, and restore a sense of well being. It also introduces the students to self-leadership and leading others. The programme enables bonding between students creating a supportive culture and enhances the challenging transition into the school for new pupils, or those going on the sixth form. This programme will reduce any anxiety students feel in terms of making their transition to a new school or sixth form. 

This is suitable for year 7 and year 12.

Leadership Day

This is the perfect programme to launch the students into their new school year following the uncertainty and disruption of Covid 19. 

The programme promotes resilience and confidence, and encourages the students to take personal responsibility for their own success, take opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so. It helps students identify life goals and work back through life stages that will take them there; challenging them to identify current achievements needed for future success. It builds the students’ confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building tasks.

Suitable for all years.

Transition Summer School

This is a two week programme aiming to boost student confidence, creativity and competence in literacy. We can run this either summer 2020 or 2021, or this could be adapted for the Easter holidays to give your students a real boost after the disruption of Covid 19. This can be adapted to be run offline if necessary. 

The programme aims to:

  • Increase reading, writing, speaking and listening skills;
  • Reduce summer learning loss through improved academic attainment in literacy;
  • Encourage the pupils to make a deeper connection to the material they are studying, their imagination and themselves;
  • Improve pupil progress in general skills, confidence and aspirations;
  • Encourage working as a team and creating their own performance piece of the chosen text as a finale to the programme;
  • For pupils and parents/carers to understand the importance of full attendance and participation in school;
  • Enhance the challenging transition into secondary school for new Year 7 pupils;
  • Engage students in meaningful social action and careers activities, using our wide network of local business and charity partners to introduce themes of contribution and future world of work skills.

This is most suited to year 7 or 8.

Gifted and Talented Summer School

Run on or off-site for Gifted and Talented students, these multi-day tutor led Summer Schools stretch the students academically, raise aspirations and attainment in preparation for applications to selective universities. This summer school could be particularly useful for those gifted and talented students who have maybe lost confidence or momentum when applying for university due to Covid 19. This can be adapted to be delivered online if necessary and in the Easter holidays. 

  • Stretching the students academically through subject-specific tutorials and extension work on the common courses at university
  • Helping students to gain a greater understanding of what is needed to be successful in applying to a selective university
  • Helping students become a more appealing applicant to universities by broadening their experience, horizons and challenging them to take advantage of opportunities
  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility over their learning and broader development
  • Highlight to the students the benefits of aiming high and reaching their potential
  • Provide an insight into what they may do in their future careers