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Wellbeing and Resilience Day


An inspiring and nurturing one day programme for any year group. Learn about mental health, physical wellbeing and emotional growth. This programme is designed to re-inspire self care and a deeper understanding of resilience.

We are in unprecedented times. Now more than ever we need to learn to navigate ourselves to changing contexts and adapt in ways that ensure wellbeing. The Wellbeing and Resilience Day is an opportunity for students to learn new skills, develop the right mindset and prepare for the future they want. 

We believe it is important to give time and space to develop good mental health and wellbeing.  We will work with the young people to develop their own toolkit they can open anytime in the future when they need it. 

Programme Aims

  • Reflect on the student’s current well being and resilience

  • Develop tools for managing stress and pressure within school and in life

  • Look at student’s self-awareness, adaptability to change and cultivating a reason to grow

  • Teach wellbeing strategies for school, and arm students with a tool kit they can keep coming back to

  • Commit to action and putting what they learn into practice

An Introduction to Well Being

At our GSL Festival @Home, Dr Hazel Harrison shared an introduction to wellbeing. She explored some of the key areas that may enhance our mental health and enable us to thrive, which we would explore on this programme.


This programme can be delivered virtually at any time of year subject to availability.


Due to the current climate, the Wellbeing and Resilience day is typically delivered virtually, but can be delivered in school depending on Covid 19 guidelines.

Number of students?

This programme can be delivered virtually to whole year groups, or small numbers if required.