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Opportunity for Future Foundations Alumni

Future Foundations have partnered with the International NGO ‘The Humanitarian Water and Food Awards’ to give a selected group of young people from our Alumni the opportunity to attend the annual WAF Awards.

FREE for selected FF Alumni!

The selected young people will be invited to:

  • Attend the Water and Food Awards Ceremony
  • Join the International Master Class
  • Hear insights from pioneers and a panel of experts
  • Celebrate the possibility of food and security for all
  • Join the Global Event

The event will be streamed live to more than 2,000 UN-related associations and NGOs, as well as educational and corporate entities worldwide.

Read the WAF event information

Workshop Hosts and Panelists

Workshop Hosts

Helle Solvang

Paul Vincent Cable


HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali

Brian Sundstrup

John D. Liu

Ayrton Cable

All Future Foundations alumni members over 16 can apply

Apply Now

Participate in the International Master Class

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Join the global event

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The normal ticket price at £95

Apply Now for Free

Teachers can attend with selected students

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Corporate tickets available too

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2014 Event Detail

Over 16 Years Old
18 June 2014
Doors Open: 14:00
Central Hall Westminister, London, SW1H 9NH
Free for selected FF alumni!
Travel allowances may be included

The event will reach out to global stakeholders: businesses, government, academia and NGOs, as well as to young entrepreneurs and individuals interested in global water and food security initiatives.

Apply now to be one of the few alumni member selected to attend The Humanitarian Water and Food Award 2014.

The Humanitarian Water and Food Award

Founded in 2008, the Humanitarian Water and Food Award (WAF) is the only award platform of its kind that focuses to promote global best practices in water and food security initiatives.

The Humanitarian Water and Food Award celebrates ground-breaking initiatives in assuring global water and food security. It also shares global best practices and facilitates effective partnerships among award winners, advocacy groups, responsible businesses and research bodies.

Launch of WAF Youth Award

Ayrton Cable (aged 11), a social change activist and multiple award winner, will launch the WAF Youth Awards at the Ceremony.

The youth awards are intended to empower young people worldwide to take action to ensure everyone in the world has adequate food and water, no one left out.