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Charterhouse Christmas Holiday Residential

Charterhouse and Future Foundations Christmas Holiday Leadership & Lifeskills Programme

Charterhouse is exploring the option of keeping open boarding houses for pupils who are unable to return home or stay with a guardian during the Christmas holidays.

They want to provide a supportive, safe and productive environment, which will cater to the needs of each age of pupil.  Charterhouse is working closely with Future Foundations to provide 24-hour pastoral care and a full programme of activities onsite and offsite.

Charterhouse is asking all parents who would wish to consider this arrangement to register their interest via the link in the email from the School dated 13th October.  This will allow Future Foundations to be booked for this, and to plan the provision to be provided. An overview of what would be provided and the weekly structure of activities and trips is detailed below.

Please note, we need a minimum number of students, to be able to offer the provision as outlined on this page.

Please complete by 21st October 2020, the Charterhouse survey, using the link in the email from the School dated 13th October.


The activities and pastoral care will run from Friday 11th December 2020 to 12th January 2021

We would expect pupils to stay for the entire period, as this offer is designed for pupils who are unable to travel home, or stay with a guardian.


Charterhouse will host the programme throughout

  • Pupils will stay on site in School boarding houses
  • Charterhouse will open up their dining hall and offer meals three times a day
  • Future Foundations aim to run off-site excursions each week (depending on current restrictions and local guidelines)

Sample content – Global Social Leaders Catalyst Course:

We are planning to deliver within the holidays (in the mornings). a transformational leadership journey led by expert coaches from our Future Foundations team.

Future Foundations unique GSL Catalyst programme is designed to develop leadership skills, understanding of global issues enabling young people to plan a project and become leaders in their life and society. Participants will receive powerful leadership traininginspiring talks and the chance to make deep connections with their peers. Each participant will receive a certificate and support with establishing a project after the programme.

We will also deliver a range of life skills and enrichment activities.

Click here to download example itinerary

What will be offered?

The residential package will include:

  • Full board accommodation within a Charterhouse boarding house
  • 24 hour pastoral care
  • 3 meals per day plus refreshments through the day
  • For the Christmas weekend and New Year holiday weekend there will be various celebration activities and special meals will be served
  • Daily activities led by expert external facilitators from 9am to 9pm
  • Escorted excursions off-site (depending on local guidelines and restrictions) – there may be an additional cost for entry fees
  • Use of the available facilities including access to all evening activities and workshops
  • Certified course – Global Social Leaders
  • There will be access to the sports facilities at agreed times during each programme

What is not included?

Offsite trips will be optional and will depend on the latest guidance. There will be an additional cost to take part in if there are entry fees or transport required.


The estimate for the price is:

£5000 for the four weeks

This includes a dedicated staff team from Future Foundations delivering daily activities, supervised study time, structured free time, 24-hour pastoral care, accommodation in Charterhouse boarding houses, cleaning of facilities and all meals.

Please note, we need a minimum number of students, to be able to offer the provision as outlined on this page.

We will confirm the prices, once we have completed the registration process and know the number of pupils who wish to take part.