Future Foundations is the leading provider of personal, leadership and academic development programmes for young people. Future Foundations’ (FF) mission is to inspire young people to achieve their full potential. Future Foundations’ vision is a society where all organisations are led by socially conscious people, with every young person making the transition into adulthood with the foundations they need for their future.

Partner Schools Worldwide (PSW) supports links between secondary schools in the UK and schools in the developing world to create and sustain genuine partnerships that engage the participants, generate reciprocal educational value and mutual respect. As a Social Enterprise, PSW’s costs are kept as low as possible. 10% of all income is donated to their sister Charity, the Sabre Charitable Trust. 

The Sabre Trust is an education charity working in rural Ghana, to build a brighter future for marginalised and disadvantaged children. Its mission is to give young Ghanaians the best possible start to their education, enabling them to achieve their full academic potential and contribute to Ghana’s future economic development.

Our approach to the design and delivery of our programmes is guided by our principles.  We challenge our facilitators and the young people we work with to commit to these principles, which we believe are pivotal to becoming leaders in their lives and society

  • Take responsibility
  • Pursue your Passions
  • Be Authentic
  • Contribute your talents
  • Enjoy the journey

FF delivers a wide variety of one day and multi day residential programmes to help with the key transition points young people face in their academic and personal life. We find awe inspiring venues, manage the logistics, take care of the risk assessments, and everything else in between!

Our programmes are wide ranging and include one day GCSE Step-Up Days, Revision Weekends, Sixth Form Inductions and multi day Leadership Training Programmes. The high quality of our programmes has been recognised by two successive British Governments, and we have also been selected to run the Government’s Youth Leaders programme since 2010.

Our programmes focus on developing social leaders by nurturing young people’s future world of work skills and through commitment to these foundation principles.

  • Creativity / Enterprise
  • Self confidence
  • Risk taking
  • Energy / Motivation
  • Leadership

The fundamental ethos of what we do is to support any kind of mutual learning between cultures, a chance for both the visitor and host to benefit from a shared experience together. There are various terms which explain what we do, we have categorised these into the two main areas of Development Education and Sustainable Tourism. These underpin the core values of our programme.

Development Education
The programmes work to embed development education practice in schools. In our interconnected, globalised world, all our actions have an impact around the globe. As our young people grow up, they will inherit a fast-changing and different world with entirely new challenges. In order to prepare young people to become responsible, global citizens, it is vital to give students a chance to interact and learn together with their peers from all over the world. These experiences encourage tolerance, openness and a spirit of cooperation for a better world.

Sustainable Tourism
As one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, tourism can place great stress on the environment and indigenous cultures. We therefore promote a sustainable tourism approach in all our work through:

  • training volunteers and employees to understand, respect and support local culture and values
  • working with local staff and supporting local business wherever possible
  • minimising the environmental impact of any visits by disposing of waste properly and recycling
  • using suppliers with strong ethical and environmental standards

We’re a small charity working on a big issue: education. We work at all levels of the Ghana education system, focusing particularly on kindergarten where the needs are greatest. Through our projects we work in partnership with the local education authorities to make school a better place for Ghanaian children, and to encourage them to stay in education for longer.

Building Better Schools
We support some of the poorest rural communities in Ghana. Here, village schools lack even basic classroom facilities for their kindergarten pupils. Children are taught in makeshift shelters, private houses or simply under the shade of trees, and lessons are often disrupted by wind, rain and even stray goats.

Training Untrained Teachers
Only 30% of kindergarten teachers in rural schools have received any formal training, and most lack specific knowledge of early years education. The result is uninspiring classes and children not fulfilling their learning potential.To change this, we’re working with teachers to enhance their skills and give them a better understanding of the Ghana Education Service curriculum.

Creating Learning Resources
Classrooms in Ghana are hugely under-resourced and it’s not unusual to see a single textbook shared by an entire class. Many children have no access to writing materials and learning can often seem like an uphill battle.We’re involved in programmes to ensure every child has their own workbook and classrooms are equipped with culturally appropriate learning materials.

We are delighted to be engaging with Future Foundations and blending cultural learning with leadership development. The outcome for any intrepid participant will increase their sense of self giving them more skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle the prejudices which so often inhibit our societies understanding of each other.

Aubrey Malcolm-Green, Co-Founder & Trustee, The Sabre Charitable Trust and Managing Director of Partner Schools Worldwide

This innovative three-way partnership will greatly enhance the quality of learning environments at the kindergarten schools on our teacher training programme, and will offer the young people involved in the trips a unique opportunity to make a tangible and lasting contribution to Ghana’s education system

Dominic Bond, Managing Director, The Sabre Charitable Trust