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In April 2012 Future Foundations was funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to work with the Edmonton Strategic Partnership (ESP) and Nightingale Academy (NA) to deliver the Edmonton Summer programme. The provision of a four week academic summer programme aimed to transform the future for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Edmonton schools by offering small group academic tuition and the opportunity to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities.

Between 23rd July and 17th August 2012 Future Foundations delivered the summer programme for 160 Y5 and Y6 students from Edmonton primary schools. There was a mixture of small group tutorials led by teachers and inspiring mentors (independently recruited and trained by FF for this programme), interactive workshops, day-trips and sports/recreational activities. All the sessions were designed to help the students develop academically, to increase their confidence and enable them to take control of their education and succeed in life.

    • Measurably improving numeracy and literacy skills, reversing summer learning loss
    • Increasing their confidence and life skills
    • Increasing parental and carer engagement with the learning of their children
    • Supporting students with the transition into secondary school

    Data collected from students and parents told us that the programme made significant improvements in the lives of those on programme. An overview of the feedback that was given can be found here

    A snapshot of the feedback is included below:

    • 91% of students felt more confident as a writer
    • 91% of the students felt more confident as readers
    • 92% of the students felt more confident in numeracy
    • 92% of students felt generally more confident
    • 86% of students felt they would be better motivated at school
    • 81% of parents felt their child was a more confident writer
    • 82% of parents felt their child was a more confident reader
    • 85% of parents felt their child was more confident in numeracy
    • 95% of parents felt their child was more confident
    • 97% of parents felt their child would be better motivated at school

    The CBI has written about the programme here.

    Due to the success of this summer’s programme the Education Endowment Foundation have agreed to work with us to deliver three summer programmes working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds in 2013.

    This means expanding the programme to 500 pupils on three sites across the UK. Our partners for summer 2013 will be:

    • Nightingale Academy and Aylward Academies and the Edmonton Schools Partnership
    • Brighton Aldridge Community Academy
    • 3rd site in London (tbc)

    Students in Year 5 and Year 6 from Edmonton. The vast majority of these (70%) were on Free School Meals.

    All students participated in two 1 ¼ hour academic lessons each day, one for literacy and one for numeracy. These were delivered by qualified teachers, who were supported in the classroom by two mentors. In the afternoons students were able to take part in a diverse array of extra-curricular activities, including sports, arts, cookery, off-site theatre and raft building.

    On the second and third Fridays of the programme, special themed days were delivered that encouraged students to think more about their role in the community (Service Day) and about their future (Big Future’s Day).

    Each week ended with an awards ceremony and closing photo montage to celebrate the students’ successes. The programme itself was rounded off with a special graduation where the students prepared a variety of different performances, and presented what they had learned during the programme as well as receiving certificates and awards. Over 150 parents and carers joined on the final day to celebrate their children’s success on the programme.

    Detailed information about what went on during the programme, including the focus of academic content, can be found on our blog here

    The Edmonton summer programme ran for four weeks and by providing the students with an extended and intensive period of focus on literacy and numeracy, we were really able to help them develop their skills, confidence and motivations. The afternoon enrichment activities enabled the students to grow as individuals, reflect upon their future aspirations and learn about the wider community and their role in it.

    We are happy to work in partnership to develop the programme to suit your needs and requirements. We can take responsibility for:

    • Participant recruitment;
    • Recruitment, selection, training and management of staff;
    • Programme design, development and management;
    • Academic curriculum development;
    • Enrichment programme design and delivery;
    • Formal assessment and evaluation.

    Or we can provide consultancy support to enable you to develop and improve your own summer programme.

    The programme itself can run for between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on your needs.