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A two week programme aiming to boost student confidence, creativity and competence in literacy.

of students felt more confident with reading and writing
felt their team work skills had improved
left the programme feeling more confident overall as a result of their participation


The programme typically takes place during July – August, dates are selected by your school.


We run the programme on-site in your school.

Year Group?

For pupils about to start Year 7 or Year 8.

Number of Students?

We recommend 30 students for the young people to get the most out of this programme.

The Future Foundations’ summer programme gave me a better understanding of the secondary school my child would be going to. It helped with her literacy skills, achieving all my aims for my child.

Parent, 2013

Programme Aims

  • Increase reading, writing, speaking and listening skills;
  • Reduce summer learning loss through improved academic attainment in literacy;
  • Encourage the pupils to make a deeper connection to the material they are studying, their imagination and themselves;
  • Improve pupil progress in general skills, confidence and aspirations;
  • Encourage working as a team and creating their own performance piece of the chosen text as a finale to the programme;
  • For pupils and parents/carers to understand the importance of full attendance and participation in school;
  • Enhance the challenging transition into secondary school for new Year 7 pupils;
  • Engage students in meaningful social action and careers activities, using our wide network of local business and charity partners to introduce themes of contribution and future world of work skills.

How these aims will be delivered

  • Our programme focuses on improving literacy (reading, writing, and speaking) through a planned curriculum and enrichment activities to boost creativity and confidence;
  • The programme will have a firm academic base delivering literacy content, including SPAG, focusing on different themes each day;
  • Learning objectives will be delivered in a creative and inspiring way, encouraging the pupils to use their imagination as well as connecting more deeply to develop a wide range of skills;
  • Students will engage in learning using different methodologies, encouraging self expression, confidence, personal development and fun;
  • The programme will be delivered by experienced Future Foundations coaching staff and trained teachers.

Amazing! Awesome! I learned more things…I listened and got on with things quicker…I know what I’m doing in a different way…It’s good and I learned a lot! I feel confident…they are the best weeks ever.

Pupil of a Future Foundations Transition Summer School, 2013

Programme Structure

Peer Mentoring

Pivotal to the success of the programme is the involvement of older students.  We can provide a selection process and peer-mentor training to enable your school to engage your own students in the delivery of two-week programme. The aims of having peer mentors are as follows:

  • Provide role models;
  • Develop relationships between older and younger students;
  • Develop the leadership potential of students and the skills they need for the future world of work;
  • Embed the programme within your school culture.

I am more confident overall now, I have improved my levels and made new friends. It's been the most outstanding experience of my life, much appreciated.

Katie, BACA Summer School

Programme Detail

What we offer schools:

  • Design and delivery of the two week literacy and enrichment programme;
  • Full programme management from proposal through to evaluation;
  • A clear scope of project terms, budget, deliverables with deadlines;
  • Template marketing materials for you to use to recruit participants;
  • Management of child protection during delivery;
  • Support for recruitment and training of peer mentors (Year 11 or 12 students from your schools);
  • Evaluation report of the programme and template press release to share with local media.

We can adapt our services to suit your needs:

Future Foundations prides itself in providing schools with a flexible service which is delivered in partnership. 
We can lead on full delivery of the summer school with your input  or support you in leading your own summer school.