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Do you want to give your Kickstarters a unique training experience?

We offer life changing wrap around training and support to help your young people to kickstart their futures. Whether you are a Kickstart gateway organisation, or an employer, we can support you.


What is Kickstart Your Future?

Kickstart Your Future is powered by Future Foundations, an award-winning training organisation. Our mission is to inspire young people to achieve their full potential and become leaders in their lives and within society. We can either offer the training direct to employers, or via a Kickstart gateway organisation.

Kickstart offers 16-24 year olds currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long term unemployment a six months paid placement for 25 hours a week, and a salary at the National Minimum Wage or higher (age dependent).

We are offering a unique training experience for your kickstarters, that will support them:

  • to secure long-term work, including career advice and setting goals
  • with CV and interview preparations
  • with basic skills, such as attendance, timekeeping and teamwork

We will also make sure they feel confident in themselves as well as their direction in life, and offer them opportunities to create social action in their communities.

Our Offer

1. Career Mentoring – 100 Day programme

We offer a structured, supported 100 day programme which will help them to not only discover their career options, but to feel confident and inspired to do so. This will include career advice, goal setting and CV and interview preparation advice. 

  • Update/create a template cover letter and receive feedback
  • Update/create a CV and receive feedback
  • Arrange a mock interview with a colleague (this could be carried out by phone), and receive feedback
  • Set up a Linked In profile where they can start their career journey
  • Join the Kickstart Futures LinkedIn group to feel part of the national movement
  • Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn from managers at their place of work
  • Kickstarters develop a case study and film about their experience to be shared online
  • Attend a masterclass on careers and next steps following their Kickstart placement.
  • Career tips given and resources shared
  • Career Q&A sessions
  • Online graduation from the 100 day programme

2. Career Insights – Psychometric Profiling

All kickstarters will receive a personalised profile from our partner company C-Me. Using these personalised profiles, C-me can have a positive and lasting impact on helping your kickstarters with career decisions, writing personal statements, and flourishing within an employment situation.

  • Career Choices – Applies C-me to career choice decision-making and finding a career that is fulfilling and life-giving. What future employment would be a possible ‘best fit’ for particular behavioural preferences? The report can be used to gain personal insight before creating a Personal Statement or attending interview.
  • Identity – Focussing on developing emotional and behavioural intelligence in order to help your young people excel at what they do naturally. In a world of unhealthy comparison, what does it look like to celebrate difference and be true to who we are as individuals? Learning to know ourselves and be comfortable in this is foundational for effective development and success.
  • Learning and Living Together – Developing self-awareness and learning how to make every interaction with another person is positive and life giving. What might it look like to strengthen relationships in a business setting? What room is there for growth in vital life skills such as developing trust and respect, as well the ability to communicate effectively with people different to ourselves?
  • Well-being and Mental Health – Reflecting on the triggers of stress, developing resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Learning to lead ourselves is vital before we can lead others. What would it look like to establish life-giving boundaries that benefit ourselves and others?

3. Project Based Learning – Global Social Leaders Catalyst + Independent Challenge

This part of the training will give your kickstarters a huge sense of shared social purpose, leadership and confidence, as well as skills they need in the workplace. They will learn about attendance, timekeeping and being part of a team, alongside gaining a sense of community and personal responsibility. 

The GSL Catalyst is one of our flagship programmes and has been curated for socially active and creative young peopleDuring the 2 day programme your kickstarters will build leadership, future world of work skills and confidenceThe programme creates a community where young people can share and discuss like-minded topics. They will have healthy debates with and learn how to launch successful projects in their community

The programme has already been delivered to over 1700 students in the UK with great success. 

If you are interested in joining our training programme, please fill out the form by clicking below, or email Lucy Moses by clicking here.

Once we have the results of the survey we will be able to set the price, but this will be a share of the £1500 allocated per place by the government.