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Higher Education Day

An informative and inspiring one day programme for any year group. Learn about university, develop leadership skills and start to plan for the future.

felt inspired to achieve their full potential

felt they could take personal responsibility for their future following the programme

rated the programme 4 or above out of 5

Programme Aims

  • Highlight to the students the benefits of aiming high and achieving their potential

  • Build students confidence and belief in their ability to achieve success at university and beyond

  • Encourage the students to take personal responsibility for their learning and skills development needed for Higher Education

  • Challenging students perceptions on University, a chance to voice their plans/aspirations for applying to uni and their thoughts, concerns and barriers to this.

  • Helps students consider what factors are most important to them, what help is available to find out about courses and how to make a choice which works for them.

  • An insight into university and student life, with a question and answer session.


This programme can be delivered any time of year subject to availability.


The Higher Education day is typically delivered in school, but can be delivered in any of our preferred venues.

Number of students?

We recommend a maximum of 100 students for the young people to get the most out of this programme.

Year Group?

This programme is available for any year group, but we would recommend Year 10 and above.