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An inspirational programme to
increase confidence, aspirations
and success in GCSEs

of students completed their goals within 30 days
of students felt academic clarity post programme
increase in all students' confidence post programme


The programme typically takes place between 1st February and 31st March during Year 11.


A veune of your choice.

Year Group?

Typically year 11 but this programme can be modified for year 10.

Number of Students?

We recommend 50 students for the young people to get the most out of this programme.

With my coach's leadership and the programme itself, I have realised where I’m going in life and what I need to do to get there. I have changed my attitude towards school and my future. I am more positive and determined and more driven to achieve personal goals.

Shumit Deb, Student

Programme Aims

  • Build students self confidence and motivation for study and career preparation
  • Challenge students to take personal responsibility for success in their GCSEs and beyond through commitment and smart goal setting
  • Increase academic success in GCSEs
  • Raise students aspirations around their future options post year 11
  • Change the outlook of students on education and how it can benefit them
  • Have a lasting impact on student’s motivation and confidence

How these aims will be delivered

  • Pre programme questionnaire to record key data in terms of academic potential and personal development.
  • Provide a varied residential programme which includes both indoor and outdoor activities and has experiential team tasks, workshops and mentoring.
  • Selected sixth form mentors who have participated in the programme in year 11 who will be integrated into the FF team and able to continue to provide support to the students post-programme
  • Dedicated coach for small teams
  • One-on-one consultations
  • FF 30 day challenge set at the end of the programme
  • In school visit post programme to record impact, the outcomes of the 30 day challenge and to give a final boost before the student’s exams.
  • Throughout the programme there will be an ethos of support, teamwork and cooperation
  • Restricted to 50 participants

“It’s been wonderful and the coaches have really inspired me to do my best. I feel like I can do anything I want to now.”


Programme Structure


  • Students complete pre programme questionnaire
  • This captures where they feel they are academically and personally before the programme


  • An inspirational residential programme to increase confidence, aspirations and success in GCSEs
  • Half day of leadership training on-site for senior mentors who then have the opportunity to put this into practice
  • Programme concludes with the FF 30 day challenge where the students set themselves a revision based goal


  • In- school visit post programme to record impact, the outcomes of the 30 day challenge and to give final motivation before the student’s exams.

I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to go on the weekend away as it has inspired me to do loads more and get me in the right frame of mind for my exams and my future.


Programme Detail

FF 30 Day Challenge

  • At the end of the programme students would set a tangible revision goal to be maintained and achieved  for 30 days (and hopefully beyond!).
  • Setting goals is proven to give life direction and boost motivation and self-confidence.
  • A member of our team will visit your school at the end of the 30 days to celebrate the students further achievements.
  • This member of our team will also provide motivational support to your students pre their GCSE exams.
  • On this visit a final questionnaire will be completed in order to measure the long lasting impact of this programme.
Examples of the Catalyst 30 Day Challenge:

  • Revise for at least two hours a day
  • Re-read all English texts and note down quotes
  • Practice fractions everyday
  • Learn 5 words of French vocabulary everyday
Previous results of the Catalyst 30 Day Challenge:

  • 92% achieved their goal within 30 days
  • 70% positive increase in how the students felt about the goal from the start to the finish of the 30 days
  • “This challenge has given me confidence and let me believe I can do it and pass my exams”

Peer Mentoring

  • Selected year 12 students would attend the programme as mentors to their year 11 peers
  • These students would receive a half day of leadership training on-site to then put into practice
  • There would be one mentor per group to ensure strong relationships were built
  • This student would then continue to be a point of contact for the year 11 students going into the 6th form.
  • They would also be able to help facilitate any follow up sessions post programme to ensure the longevity of the effect of the programme
  • These students would be given training for the programme so would gain invaluable leadership skills themselves
  • Two of these students could then be selected to attend Future Foundations Global Social Leaders programme at the end of the summer at Wellington College.


Every student will have a One-to-One Consultation with a Future Foundations Coach.  This has proved to be very powerful on similar programmes. During the consultations their aspirations and goals will be explored and if required, a report on each student can be produced.

The students will be encouraged to develop an action plan following the consultation to help them towards achieving their goals in life.  The method used for the consultation will be the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) model of coaching.

I feel more confident about doing my GCSEs as a result of the programme because I now know how to revise effectively.


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