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Graduate Residential – Thursday 7th July – Friday 8th July 2016

Wellington College, Berkshire, UK


What is the Leadership Academy about?

As a sixth-form student, you’re facing big choices. What career should I choose? Which university? Which course? Should I take a gap year? Should I go straight into the job market?

Whatever your plans, we would like to help. Our Leadership Academy 2014 is a chance to have fun, meet other students from the UK and Ireland, learn about leadership and develop practical work skills. You’ll also learn about management consulting as a possible career option.

Leadership is vital in every walk of life. It’s about having the drive and intellectual curiosity to tackle tough challenges, plus the ability to help other people do their best. By developing your leadership skills, you open up opportunities for the future.

We’re looking for students with an excellent track record of academic and other achievements who can demonstrate:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Personal initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Impact.

2014 Participant Feedback

It has inspired and encouraged me to take risks in my life and to get excited about what the future holds, at a time where it is easy to be stressed about what comes next.

Participant 2014

So much better than I thought it would be - it gave me a new perspective on life.

Participant 2014

The most informing, action-packed and enjoyable programme that I have ever been on. I certainly will not forgot it in a hurry and have learnt a great deal!

Participant 2014

What will you do?

The first event is a two-day launch residential workshop on 10-11 July 2015, to be held at Wellington College in Berkshire. If you are a student based in the UK or Ireland, McKinsey will take care of your travel, accommodation and food costs

The workshop will help you:


  • Learn about leadership by working in small teams in a fun informal atmosphere. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a toolkit of approaches and an action plan for the coming year.
  • Build your career skills and get practical advice on handling tough interviews. We’ll also highlight experiences to seek out now and at university that could open doors for you in the future.

After taking part in the workshop, you’ll become a part of the wider McKinsey network. In the summer of 2016 we’ll hold a two-day graduate residential where you can share progress with fellow students from the workshop. You’ll also have the chance to enter a competition for a McKinsey leadership award. Over the next few years we’ll stay in touch to update you on events and opportunities.

Ready to submit your formal application?

Are you ready to formally apply? Do you have the support of a teacher/tutor at your school already? Visit the McKinsey & Company website and follow the instructions to submit your application.

Please note: Applications have now closed

Applications received for the 2014 Leadership Academy
Individual schools from the UK and Ireland nominated students in 2014

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