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Global Social Leaders is a unique student led movement designed to develop your leadership skills, understanding of global issues and enable you to become a leader in your life and society.

Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute are excited to invite alumni of our GSL programmes to establish a GSL Society at your school.

Overview of GSL Society:

A GSL Society is a school club established by alumni of our programmes to enable sustainable high quality social action projects led by students, supported by teachers and the wider school community.

You will be supported by a framework which ensures the projects continue beyond any one student leader.

The outcome of GSL Society will be the transformation of a school’s culture where student engagement in local and community issues is considered the norm, students effectively measure their impact and build upon previous year’s success, inspiring more and more young people to take part.

Our aim is to enable students and teachers to establish projects they would not have dreamed possible.

We want to establish a growth mind-set to develop a generation of students with “character virtues and skills that are necessary for engaged and responsible citizens”, creating a more sustainable future.

How do I launch a Society at my school?

To launch a society, you must first register with Future Foundations and attend one of our programmes (GSL World Summit, Catalyst or LaunchPad). We ask students to agree who will be your President and Lead Teacher.  Once you have established these positions, click here to register your Society.

Once we receive your registration we will create an online space for your Society and provide you with further resources and support.

We ask all members of a GSL Society to click here to register.

If you have not been on a GSL programme and would like to find out more click here for more information about our programmes or contact us.


Why join the Global Social Leaders movement? Watch this video and if you want to make a change get in touch…

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email: