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What the students said

What the staff said


It was an amazing experience where I was constantly surrounded by amazing, intelligent, people trying to influence change.


The GSL Programme for me stands synonymous to self-realisation.


I'll sum up my experience with FF in one word:- "Legendary".

of GSL participants are excited and energised about their future

GSL delivers a forum for engaging with diverse cultures and languages. It provides an understanding of leadership in theory and practice. Teachers are encouraged to explore their leadership styles and values.

Lina - Course Director

I was overall really impressed with the programme. I definitely think that the participants had a strong understanding of leadership by the end of the programme and felt confident to go home and become leaders themselves.

Liv - Operations Assistant

People who didn't feel like they belonged in some previous environments, in which they were a part of, felt like they belonged to GSL - this was lovely to see!

Nic - Coach
of staff would work on GSL again

GSL 2014 Participating Countries

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