The Chrysalis Partnership of 26 schools from across the boroughs of Haringey, Camden, Ealing, Newham and Barnet has been built upon a common sense that there is not enough genuine subject–specific extension work for the brightest pupils, nor support for, and shared expertise in, applications to selective universities.The initial focus of the partnership remains the Chrysalis Scheme, an ambitious project to bring a university access scheme to gifted and talented cohorts from across North London.  Pupils are invited to engage in a programme of dedicated activities, the centrepiece of which is an intensive summer school (four days for Year 12 and two days for Year 10).

What will happen at the Chrysalis Summer School?


If you have been nominated by your teacher, please do the following:

  1. Complete the application form at the bottom of the page
  2. Inform your parent / guardian of your application
  3. Check you are available for the programme dates and let your teacher know if you can’t attend
    • Year 12 26th -29th August 2014
    • Year 10 26th -27th August 2014
  4. Your parents will be sent a Parent Guardian Consent Form in the post – this must be signed and returned to us before you can be accepted on the programme

Parents and Guardians:

Once your child has been nominated and submitted an online application form, you will be sent a Parent/Guardian Consent form to sign and return to:Future Foundations,Chrysalis Summer School 2012,31 St John’s Hill,London,SW11 1TTIf you have any queries about the programme please email or call us on 020 3432 3450.