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Future Foundations are delighted to announce we are once again partnering with TEEP – Training Education and European Project, part of FMTS group

Together, we are helping leading FE Colleges and Schools active in the field of FE or VET to benefit from the Turing Scheme.

TEEP specialises in connecting educational, third sector, public sector and private sector organisations with EU funds for educational, vocational and training purposes, including Erasmus Plus and the Turing Scheme.  They have successfully secured funding and organised exchange programmes (for teachers and students) that create an unparalleled learning experience for students and staff.

Over the last two years, they have been focusing most of their activities on the Turing Scheme, with great success. In particular, Vocational and Educational Training Colleges for international work placements.  They offer end-to-end project planning to help Schools and Colleges identify the right projects for them, define objectives, make sure that funding is approved, and take care of all project work with their team of experts, making the process streamlined and pain-free. From the initial consultation to execution, they will collaborate closely to ensure the project is relevant and valuable for your College or School staff and students.

This is no cost to schools and colleges.  

  • If you have any questions about this funding opportunity, before expressing interest, click here to email Jonathan Harper FRSA direct. 

Since 2014, TEEP have supported over 7500 students and 2500 school staff to take part in international exchanges. 

About the Turing Scheme:

The Turing Scheme provides funding for those individuals undertaking education and training in the UK to go on and study or access work placements across the world.

This funding allows organisations to provide students with the chance to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and help contribute to the UK Government’s commitment to a Global Britain, by helping organisations forge new relationships around the world.

Colleges can apply direct, however, this will require your College to write the funding application, develop a project idea, organising the exchange, deliver the project and complete the evaluation.  This is time-consuming for College staff, and sourcing great projects abroad and developing relationships in other countries is challenging.

We have therefore partnered, with Teep, who have developed an unparalleled experience and infrastructure for delivering high-quality exchanges.

TEEP supports you before, during & after funding is secured:

TEEP are experts in securing funding and organising the project(s) your School or College will embark on.

Their support includes: 

  • Consultation to help your College or School to identify and implement the right project for you
  • Project management – they take care of all end-to-end project work with our team of experts to make the process streamlined and remove administration from you
  • Project delivery – Depending on the project selected, TEEP can plan and execute the projects for you
  • Listening to your needs – They will make sure your voice is heard every step of the way and the journey is as positive as the destination

They have an EU-wide network of organisations to help with identifying exchange experiences for staff and students.

Example project

Mobility for Vocational Education and Training for Students

  • This type of project is for all students who are active in the field of Further Education (FE) and or Vocational, Education and Training (VET) studies.
  • Students carry out 3-5 week placements that develop key employability skills designed to bridge the gap between education and work
  • TEEP facilitate the project with their diverse network of professionals and educational institutions to ensure the project fulfills the needs of your organisation and ensures key outcomes for your students
  • Students can expect a fully-funded international exchange experience.
  • Flights, accommodation, travel cards, and food are all covered.

Example project

Mobility for Vocational Education and Training for Recent Graduates

  • This type of project is for recent graduates from your FE or VET organisation. Graduates can carry out 1 – 6 month placements to give them valuable sought-after vocational experience and further their education after graduating from your institution.
  • TEEP facilitates the experience with their diverse network in order to meet the objectives of the project.
  • For graduates, it aids their personal development by providing them with independence through an apartment and a personal allowance.
  • Graduates can expect a fully-funded international exchange experience.
  • Flights, accommodation, and pocket money are all covered.

Example project

Mobility for Vocational Education and Training for Both Groups

  • This type of project is available to all FE and VET organisations. It consists of sending students and recent graduates so they can both complete a project in line with your organisation’s objectives.
  • With both groups going the project aims on improving hard and soft skills for all pupils in a topic decided by the school
  • TEPP would write a bespoke bid from scratch, with a topic targeted at the needs of your organisation and match you with the best quality partners within our diverse network
  • Students can expect a fully-funded international exchange experience.
  • Flights, accommodation, food, and pocket money are all covered.

What is the timeline?

  • Register your interest ASAP with Future Foundations, and by 28th March 2022 – click here
  • Discuss project interests and plan of action with FF/TEEP
  • With the help of TEEP, submit project bids 
    • Teep will draft all bids in full with input from lead and support partners
    • Project submission on the Turing Scheme portal opens March 29th, 2022 with the deadline of April 29th 2022
    • Lead partners will complete final submission online
  • Announcement of funding results (Summer 2022)
  • Start of the planning phase and selection of the participants for the mobilities abroad (September –
    December 2022): September-December 2022
  • Disseminate results – After the project is completed and the information is disseminated, the learning outcomes can now be assessed, Our team will guide you on best practice for dissemination to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved and the project has been impactful

Impact numbers & Funding Secured (2014-2020)

student exchanges abroad
School Staff exchanges abroad
total amount of approved projects (in Euros)
Jonathan Harper FRSA, CEO, Future Foundations, says:

We are delighted to be working in partnership with TEEP, experts in securing EU funding for education & training projects for schools, colleges and youth organisations.  We worked closely on the Erasmus programme which led to a number of our school and college partners securing funding, and are delighted to know be able to share their expertise, and build on this partnership under the Turing scheme.  

I want to ensure colleges in the UK can fully benefit from this scheme, and gain access to partnerships developed over many years under the Erasmus scheme, which will provide high quality experiences for staff and young people. 

Future Foundations, is committed to ensuring our partners, are fully-supported to apply in this round.