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Townley Grammar School is proud to share, as part of our commitment to developing a modern, world class curriculum – we are launching a consultation on ‘AMBIT’ – our Monday after-school programme (2.45 to 4.15), launching on Monday 11th November, in partnership with Future Foundations. 

We are looking for highly motivated sixth form students (current Year 11 and 12, who will be in Year 12 and 13 in September) to be Ambit Ambassadors, to assist in the sessions and support the operations of the different activities taking place.

We believe this will be a valuable leadership experience, and will help with future applications for work, college or Higher Education.

Click here to apply.

Training will take place prior to the programme launching.

If you have any questions about the role, please include in your application below.

Mr De Fabiani, Townley Grammar School
Jonathan Harper, Future Foundations

To apply to be an Ambit Ambassador, click here.