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Video backgrounds for sliders

You need to ensure you upload the video files in all 3 formats to ensure that it shows correctly on all machines inc mobile devices.

  • WebM
  • MP4
  • OGG (/OGV)

Note you also need to upload an IMAGE so that if the machine being used can’t play video for some reason then it will show a picture rather than a broken link/big blank space.


Note that you can use this one website to convert the file from the type you have already (WebM, MP4, or OGG/OGV) into both the other formats.  The website is pretty intuitive: it uploads the file, queues it for processing, then saves the converted file back to your computer when done (as long as you leave the browser window open). Enjoy!

How to make Circular Photos


  1. ‘Edit’ a photo
  2. Upload photo
  3. From the ‘Basic Edits’ menu on left, select ‘Crop’
  4. Change dropdown from ‘No fixed proportions’ to ‘Square’
  5. Use the corners on the selection box to get to the bit of the photo you want to use, or as much as possible of the image.  Make sure the focus of the image is in the middle!
  6. Click ‘Apply’
  7. From the ‘Frames’ menu on the left, select ‘Rounded Corners’
  8. Slide the ‘Corner Radius’ slider bar to the far right – you should now have a circular image
  9. Tick the ‘Transparent Corners’ tickbox
  10. Click ‘Apply’
  11. Click ‘Save’ from the top menu
  12. Save locally then upload to the FF website’s media library as you normally would
  13. Bosh.

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