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On Saturday 2nd December Future Foundations’ alumni, staff, volunteers and partners came together  for our sixth annual Awards. The event, which was held at the Devas Club in London as part of the inaugural Future Group Festival, was an opportunity for us to bring together all the people that enable Future Foundation’s vision for society to come to life. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended this year’s event to recognise and celebrate our collective achievements and contribution during 2017.

Congratulations to every Award winner, nominee and audience member for being part of a truly special day and for making 2017 a year to remember. We look forward to the successes this year will bring and to enjoying the journey with you all!


Volunteer Of The Year

This award goes to one of our volunteers whose actions completely embody the values of Future Foundations and has contributed their time tirelessly to help us achieve our mission.

All of the nominees have contributed to the team effort, and their commitment and hard work on the programmes has been invaluable.


  • Philip | Global Social Leaders World Summit and Catalyst
  • Julianna | Global Social Leaders World Summit
  • Elineth  | West London Summer Programme
  • Talia | Global Social Leaders Catalyst in Beijing


West London Summer Programme 2017


“Julianna is the type of person who will challenge herself to be in her stretch zone. She was the first When a task needed completing on GSL she would step up and be proactive. She always did everything with a smile. She has a real affiliative leadership style and is a delight to be around. We are so proud she has continued to be an ambassador for GSL and FF.”

Student Of The Year

Future Foundations get to work with some amazing individuals throughout the year, and this award is to recognise just one person who has stood out for their achievements.  The student of the year is someone who has lived the FF Principles and made a tangible difference to themselves and others.

All of the nominees have proven themselves to be dedicated, motivated and inspiring people who are great ambassadors for others.


  • Hajar Gumma | Global Social Leaders World Summit August 2017
  • Robert Button | NCS Chesterfield Autumn 2017
  • Elineth Hernandez | West London Summer Programme 2017


Hajar Gumaa
GSL and West London summer programme


“Hajar is very responsible and committed to her work in our GSL society. She definitely is an example to follow as she always encourages others to follow their dreams. She is a clear example of a leader as she respects other people’s opinions and tries to incorporate them into anything she is planning. She should be recognised by the great work she is doing in our KAA GSL society as she deserves it!”

Staff Member Of The Year

Future Foundations recognises the important contribution our incredible members of staff make on FF programmes. This award goes to the member of staff who lives the FF principles and has shown commitment and enthusiasm throughout the year.


  • Emily Curtis
  • Nathan Hamer
  • Michelle Horne
  • Tom White
  • Lina Akbar


Nathan Hamer


“Nathan never ceases to amaze us. Aged just 17 he has really grown during is time with Future Foundations, and is a fantastic role model to his peers. He lives and breathes FF and NCS values. He constantly chooses to push himself into his stretch zone, to continue to grow and learn more and more about himself and those around him. He should be recognised for the positive contribution he has made to the organisation and to the NCS programme in the Chesterfield area in particular”

Partner Special Recognition Award

Future Foundations could not deliver the scale and scope of our programmes without the incredible partners we work with. We believe in the importance of collaboration and playing to organisation strengths, and through this collaboration we can create a more sustainable society.

This award recognises the partner organisations that have helped Future Foundations to make a significant impact on young people’s lives, worked closely in partnership on one or more programmes and have shared our passion for helping every young person achieve their full potential.




“Ingeus have been Future Foundations’ Regional Delivery Partner for the NCS in Chesterfield for a number of years. They have been supportive and great partners to work alongside. The relationship was further strengthened last year when we took on Simon Paterson, who had previously been an NCS recruiter for Ingeus. We have been delighted to have increased our participant numbers each summer, which shows the belief and trust that has formed between us.”


  • Hugo Shepard | Role Models
  • Pete Cuff | Future Solutions
  • The Devas Club dancers
  • Jump LND
  • The Future Group Christmas Choir
  • John Clarke | The Devas Club
  • Daniel Wellings | Oxbridge Group


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