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NCS 2015 Young Person FAQs

  • How much time do I have to commit?
    By accepting a place on any of the NCS programme’s you must commit to attending the entire programme (4 weeks Monday to friday).
  • Do I have to attend the whole programme?
    Yes. If you sign up to the programme, you must commit to completing the whole programme. This is important as you will be working in teams to create change in your local community and these will succeed best if everyone is there for the duration of the programme. If an issue arises that may affect your participation in the programme, please discuss this at the first possible opportunity with a Future Foundations member of staff. Missing parts of the programme may result in you not being able to graduate and receive your certificate.
  • What if I’ve got a holiday planned?
    If your holiday dates clash with those of the NCS programme then it may not be possible to take part. We have 6 wave dates for ths summer, and where possible we would look to offer you an alternative wave dates.  In order to graduate from the programme you must have attended all parts in full.
  • What if I start the programme but then find I don’t like it?
    Participants are often surprised at just how much they are able to achieve in such a short space of time whilst making new friends and having fun. Have a look at the experiences of the NCS Graduates!
  • Will I be with my friends?
    You will go through the NCS programme in a team of between 10-15 young people. You may know some people in your team, but most likely they will people you are meeting for the first time. The whole point of NCS is to meet new friends and you’ll be surprised how quickly your team bonds. If you have friends on the programme (providing they are starting the same day) then you will still get to see them in your free time, meal times however we encourage you to rake the opportunity to get to know new people.
  • What do you mean by ‘social action’?
    One of the most important parts of the NCS programme is the social action the teams design and deliver. Social action is about doing things for other people which could benefit you and your local area and which will have a long-term social impact. This could involve making a real difference to a situation or issue which affects your community and those who live in it, therefore benefiting everyone. The programme will help you to look at ways in which you can have a positive impact in your local community, using the skills you’ve already got, plus the skills that you will develop on the programme. You can be as creative and innovative as you want. This is a fantastic opportunity to show your community how amazing young people can be.
  • What does the programme include?
    All your food and accommodation during the residential weeks is covered. During Week 3 you will also be provided lunch. Transport for trips while on the programme is covered so all you need to do is get yourself to and from the venues.
  • Can I get any qualifications from the NCS programme?
    Once you have completed all of the stages of the programme you will be eligible to receive your graduation certificate. Although not an official qualification, it will recognise your new skills and fantastic NCS experiences and enhance your CV or university/college application.
  • Could this help me get a job in the future?
    Definitely! By getting involved in NCS you are firstly showing that you are a pro-active and committed young person. Through the workshops you participate in you will have the opportunity to display a wide range of skills, including communication, team work and leadership skills. Your CV will look fantastic by the end of the programme!
  • What happens at the end of my NCS programme?
    We are sure that you will come away from your NCS graduation event with a real motivation for continuing to making positive changes in your community, and with a clearer idea of where you want to go next. You’ll have gained links to lots of local organisations that you may continue to volunteer with or you may even start your own social enterprise business!