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McKinsey Leadership Academy

A Message From McKinsey

As you might remember, we spent a lot of time during the Academy talking about your leadership journey/ project plans. You should have all left with at least an idea of what you might want to get up to before coming back for next year’s Reunion programme. Whether or not you have started turning these ideas into reality, we’re really keen to keep in touch with you and help you think through the next steps of your plan.

In order to do this we have scheduled a series of “Keep in Touch” weeks where your McKinsey coach will be available to provide you with feedback on your leadership journey/ project so far. Complete the form below to keep in touch!  Your submission is completely confidential, and will only be read by your coach.

We are very excited to be getting back in touch with all of you!

Best wishes,

Nadine & the McKinsey Leadership Academy Team