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This opportunity is now over however there may another round of funding later in the year. We will share details when they are released so watch this space!

Future Foundations are delighted to announce our partnership with TEEP – Training Education and European Project. 

Together, we are helping leading UK schools, colleges and organisations to benefit from available EU funding, and ensure the correct information is shared on opportunities.

TEEP specialises in connecting educational, third sector, public sector and private sector organisations with EU funds for educational, vocational and training purposes, including Erasmus Plus.

They have successfully secured funding and organised exchange programmes (for teachers and students) that create an unparalleled learning experience for students and staff.

TEEP help to identify the most suitable exchange programmes for your school or organisation and guide you through the process, define the objectives of the exchange and ensure it is the right type of programme for your staff and/or students.

  • If you have any questions about this funding opportunity, before expressing interest, click here to email Jonathan Harper direct. 

Since 2014, TEEP have supported over 6000 students and 2000 school staff to take part in international exchanges. 

We are looking for schools and organisations with the following area(s) of focus:

  • Creative – Music, art and theatre exchanges
  • Digital skill and innovation
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Green economy and Sustainability
  • Multilinguism/language focus – 16 to 19 year olds who are learning a foreign language
  • Staff development – Job shadowing, structured courses and exchange of practice and ideas
  • T-Level enhancement through exchange in industry in EU
  • Vocational learning – In particular, tourism, fashion, mechanical and culinary

TEEP supports you before, during & after funding is secured:

TEEP are experts in securing funding and organising the project(s) your school, college or youth organisation will embark on.

Their support includes: 

  • Consultation to help your school/organisation to  identify and implement the right project for you
  • Project management – they take care of all end-to-end project work with our team of experts to make the process streamlined and remove administration from you.
  • Project delivery – Depending on the project selected, TEEP can plan and execute the projects for you
  • Listening to your needs – They will make sure your voice is heard every step of the way and the journey is as positive as the destination

They have an EU wide network of organisations to help with identifying exchange experiences for staff and students.

Example project

  • Students can expect a fully funded exchange experience.
  • Flights, accommodation and pocket money are all covered.

TEEP facilitate the experience with their diverse network of professional organisations for internships, language classes and vocational training ensuring we always find the right place for the right student.

What is the timeline?

  • Register your interest ASAP with Future Foundations, and by 6th December 2019 – click here
  • Discuss project interests and plan of action with FF/TEEP
  • With the help of TEEP, submit project bids by 5th February 2020
    • Teep will draft all bids in full with input from lead and support partners
    • Lead partners will complete final submission online
  • Results will be published between June-August 2020
  • Consultation and planning with TEEP: September-December 2020
  • Students / teachers take part in mobility programmes from January 2021 – timing will be agreed with you 

Brexit uncertainty, should not prevent applications for this round of funding

This is the final chance to apply for funding within the current budget up to 2020.

When thinking about future relationships with Europe the question right now is “What about Brexit?”.

Well, the good news is that hundreds of millions have been pledged to the UK for 2020 with a strong view to continue regardless of Brexit’s outcome.

Countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia and Serbia, all participate despite not being in the EU so the prognosis for the UK’s continued participation looks healthy.

What does this mean for UK schools and youth training organisations?

There’s a vast under tapped resource of funds that add to the quality of learning, experience and overall offering of your institution. Last year alone, the underspend was £200 million so we want to connect as many schools as possible with an underutilised funding source.

A DfE spokesperson said:

“Under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, Erasmus+ students will be protected until the end of Erasmus programme in 2020.

In the event that the UK leaves the EU with no agreement in place, the government has guaranteed that it will cover the payment of awards to UK applicants for all successful Erasmus+ bids submitted before the end of 2020.

Impact numbers & Funding Secured (2014-2019)

student exchanges abroad
School Staff exchanges abroad
total amount of approved projects (in Euros)
Jonathan Harper FRSA, CEO, Future Foundations, says:

We are delighted to be working in partnership with TEEP, experts in securing EU funding for education & training projects for schools, colleges and youth organisations.

I want to ensure this vast under tapped resource is made available to our UK school and youth partners. Last year the under-spend for the UK was £200 million.

We expect, due to the uncertainty, that many will not apply in this final round.  This means, they will miss out, on the chance to offer their students and staff  ‘fully funded’ international opportunities, at a time when our students and staff, will need it more than ever.

Future Foundations, is committed to ensuring our partners, are fully-supported to apply in this round.