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This page is updated regularly to support schools and teachers participating in the AWS GetIT programme 2023-24.

If you have any questions, please email

Useful links:

Timeline for Ambassador-led Sessions:


The AWS GetIT Competition will be open from 9am 18th April to 4pm 25th April. Please see the below resources and competition guidelines.

  • One team per school is allowed to submit to the competition
  • Teams must be between 3 – 7 students
  • Presentation Rubric – competition judging criteria
  • Click on the image below to submit to the competition

Weekly Office Hours

On behalf of AWS GetIT, Future Foundations provides office hours every Tuesday 4pm – 4.30pm and Thursday 1pm – 1.30pm via Teams.

The first 5 minutes will be dedicated to a specific topic as outlined below and the rest of time is dedicated to your questions and topics you’d like to cover. Please drop-in if you have any questions about the programme or need any support from us.

Please click the box below to join the call. If you can’t attend or use Teams within your school, please email to ask for a separate meeting.

Topics for Office Hours:

Bootcamp support 12th and 14th March
Ambassador and Competition support 19th and 21st March
Competition support 26th and 28th March
Competition support 16th and 18th April
Competition support 23rd and 25th April

Competition Winners

At the end of the programme there is a chance for schools to enter the nationwide AWS GetIT Competition. One team per school is allowed to submit their app design and receive feedback from AWS judges. We recommend an in-school competition to choose which team to put forward to the national competition. The top 3 designs will be selected to attend the Final, held at AWS London offices in the summer term.

Read about previous years’ winners here:

AWS GetIT Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to complete the Kick-off Presentation with my Ambassador?

Your AWS GetIT Ambassador will deliver a Kick-off Presentation. This is a 20 minute presentation delivered best as an assembly. The Kick-off Presentation can be delivered online, in-person or as a pre-recorded video, but must happen before schools break-up for the December holidays.

When do I need to complete the Design Thinking Bootcamp?

The Design Thinking Bootcamp is delivered by your ambassador between January and March 2024. Your ambassador can deliver this session either at the beginning, during or at the end of Section 3 – whatever fits best with you!

How do we enter the competition?

There is an optional competition for teams that have completed all 8 Sections of the programme. We will accept a maximum of one submission per school. We recommend an in-school competition to choose which team to out forward to the national competition. Submissions will be open from 18th – 25th April 2024. 

How long will AWS GetIT take to deliver?

AWS GetIT has around 11 hours of content. If you think you are running out of time to deliver the programme, please reach out and we can support you. There are also additional resources on Canvas for students that would like more content. For detailed information on the programme, please see the programme curriculum here.

Who are ambassadors and what is their role?

AWS GetIT Ambassadors are tech professionals connected to historically underrepresented communities from Amazon or AWS teams and customers. Ambassadors are passionate about inspiring the future generation of inclusive and diverse tech leaders. Each school participating in AWS GetIT is paired with an AWS GetIT Ambassador. During the programme, ambassadors introduce the students to AWS GetIT via a Kick-off Presentation and assist student teams with their app idea and competition submission, while providing ongoing support to ensure educators and students get the most out of their experience.

Who can participate in AWS GetIT?

All 12- to 14-year-old students enrolled at a school or institution where AWS GetIT is offered are eligible to participate. AWS GetIT strongly encourages every school to ensure participation is inclusive and representative of the population at the school, with at least 50% of programme participants being girls and other students from underrepresented communities. AWS GetIT wants to welcome all individuals to ensure promotion of equitable knowledge sharing of the opportunities in technology, and to challenge the gender stereotype within the tech industry.

I am a Special Educational Needs school. Can we participate in AWS GetIT?

Yes! We can support your school by making adjustments and providing additional support via telephone calls and video calls during the programme.

What opportunities are available to schools, teachers and students after completing AWS GetIT?

From Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) units and activities for primary and secondary classrooms to self-paced learning content, AWS offers opportunities for students, teachers and schools to explore programs during or after finishing AWS GetIT, including:

  • AWS Educate – Hundreds of hours of self-paced training and resources for new-to-cloud learners—including hands-on labs in the AWS Management Console
  • AWS Spark – ready-to-teach units with hands-on labs designed to fit into existing classroom curriculum
  • Amazon Future Engineer – student access to computer science and career exploration across grade levels, and computer science teacher training offerings


If you have any questions about the AWS GetIT programme, please contact our team at: