Dirt Is Good Schools Pilot Programme

Powering up young people to take positive action for a better world

Sign up your school to enable your students to take action on the environmental and social causes they care about

Future Foundations has been selected to be the UK National Delivery Partner for the Persil Dirt Is Good Schools Programme, working in partnership with Global Action Plan.

This will be a new fully funded programme, which will support primary and secondary schools, to engage their students in taking action on social and environmental issues, read the announcement.

Through collaborative social action the Dirt Is Good School’s programme aims to narrow the values perception gap to bring about cohesive communities of change.  The programme has been designed based on international research.

The schools programme is free to all schools in the UK and is targeted at key stages 2 & 3.

We are running a pilot of the programme in the Summer term (further details are included below).

We will launch the full programme in the Autumn term, with school registration opening in the Summer term.

We are launching with a small pilot programme designed to be delivered within COVID-19 restrictions. This will run in the Summer term from April 22nd to 7th July 2021. It is aimed at primary and secondary schools (KS2 and KS3) and includes the opportunity for CPD training for teachers on coaching.

We would like to invite schools from across the UK to apply, with applications closing on the 24th March.  Places are limited so we encourage registration ASAP.

This opportunity, will be an excellent way to support your students wellbeing, and will help them to develop soft skills, work in teams with their peers and feel part of a community.

Please read the below information to find out more about the pilot programme.

The programme is based on international research:

Read the full Research Whitepaper

Programme Design Principles

The Dirt Is Good schools programme enables young people to take action on the environmental and social causes they care about. Drawing on international research, our design principles are as follows:

  • We don’t tell young people what to take action on 
  • They are not picking an action from a list written for them by adults 
  • They choose what to focus on, based on what they feel is important 

Young people enjoy taking positive action: Getting stuck in feels fun and important. But helping them to learn new skills and develop kindness and empathy is just as important.

Dirt Is Good will help your young people feel that they have a role to play and that we are all united in compassion. They will go on a journey and become Changemakers for life.

Find out more about the programme's ethos & values

The Dirt Is Good schools pilot programme will include the following elements:

  • Launch event (22nd April): We will deliver a live event and provide resources to support the launch of the programme in your school  
  • Dirt Is Good Groups Form (April to May): Using the Dirt Is Good handbook and resources your students will form Dirt Is Good project groups and plan a project  
  • Reflection (27th May): We will invite your students to take part in a a live facilitated focus group  
  • Dirt Is Good Group Action: Your students will put their project into action 
  • Submission deadline (30th June): We ask all groups to share with us evidence of the activities they have completed 
  • Celebration (7th July): We will deliver a live celebration event bringing together all participating schools 

We will also invite teachers and parents to attend focus groups.

Please note: If a date or time does not work let us know, we have flexibility to adapt the elements to your school’s timetable.

Why take part?

  • Collective action: bring together groups of young people to get stuck in on a project 
  • Quality resources: access to a range of quality resources for Key Stage 2 and 3
  • Improve wellbeing: support development and improve well-being in young people 
  • Make compassion the norm: help embed a culture of compassion, care and cooperation at your school 

We will provide support:

  • CPD for Teacher (s):  We will deliver ‘coach’ training to help supporting teachers develop the skills and understanding of the content to best support your students
  • Live events (3 hours): We will deliver two live training sessions for your students to help launch Dirt Is Good and celebrate collective action in the programme
  • Dirt Is Good Handbook & Curriculum content: You will have access to session content to help you support your students get stuck in (you choose when, where and how this is delivered)

Our pilot selection criteria:

  • Desire to engage pupils in improving the local environment
  • Capacity to commit to taking part in the programme journey
  • Equality and inclusion: We aim to have a mix of primary and secondary schools from across the country representing students from a wide range of backgrounds

Please note: This is a small pilot, if we are not able to offer your school a place, we will be able to invite you to take part in the full programme, launching in the Autumn term (2021).

Your next steps:

  • Appoint a teacher to be our main contact who will support the young people’s participation 
  • Apply: Applications close on 24th March.
  • We will be in touch! We are reviewing applications as they are submitted so we will be in touch very soon to talk through the pilot programme and next steps

Applications for the Dirt Is Good Pilot have now closed!

If you have any questions  please contact our Dirt Is Good School’s Programme team at Future Foundations, at


Click here to register to be kept up to date on the launch of the full programme.

Help us shape the future of the Dirt Is Good Schools Programme

Taking part in this pilot will mean your school will have a pivotal role in how the future programme will look across the UK and world!

As part of the Persil Dirt Is Good Project, Ashley Banjo meets young people taking action on causes they care about, inspiring others to roll up their sleeves and take part too. Watch the full episode below!