School Programmes

Future Foundations runs a series of shorter programmes focusing on some of the areas you may want addressed. Each programme has the specific needs of your students at its heart and helps your students to achieve their full potential.

Our programmes are delivered by highly experienced, adaptable and professional staff combining a lot of learning with fun, passion and tools for the future.

Induction Day

Improve student progress in general skills, confidence and aspirations. Introduction for students to self-leadership and leading others. The programme enables bonding between students creating a supportive culture and enhances the challenging transition into the school for new pupils

Best for Year 7 or Year 12 students

Leadership Day

Encourage the students to take personal responsibility for their own success, take opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so. The programme helps students identify life goals and work back through life stages that will take them there; challenging them to identify current achievement needed for future success. It builds the students’ confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building tasks. Leadership day challenges students perception of limited time by exploring state and time management techniques

Best for Year 7 or Year 12 students

Higher Education Day

Highlight to the students the benefits of aiming high and achieving their potential. The programme builds students confidence and belief in their ability to achieve success at university and beyond. It encourages the students to take personal responsibility for their learning and skills development needed for Higher Education, challenging students perceptions on University, a chance to voice their plans/aspirations for applying to uni and their thoughts, concerns and barriers to this. The day helps students consider what factors are most important to them, what help is available to find out about courses and how to make a choice which works for them.

Best for Year 7 or Year 12 students

Higher Education Residential

Increase students’ awareness of the University of Cambridge, the Colleges and of Higher Education in general. Enable students to discover what they can study at university, tuition style and student lifestyle. Inspire the students with stories of what the alumni of Cambridge colleges go on to do. Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their futures; to be proactive in their approach to their studies and the future benefits of doing so.

Best for Year 8 or Year 9 students