An exciting programme that will launch year 7 or year 12 with the support of your year 13 future leaders.

of students said the sixth form induction encouraged them to take responsibility for their own learning
of students felt this programme encouraged them to aim high and reach their potential
of students felt they could commit to persuing their passions following this programme


This programme is typically delivered during July or September. Please let us know your preference for dates and we will be able to confirm current availability.


This programme would be delivered at your school. 

Year Group?

Year 7 and 12 induction, with the opportunity for your year 13 future leaders to support both deliveries.

Number of Students?

Please advise us of your year group and who you would like to go through this programme.

I learnt that I need to believe in everything I do, and aim for exactly what I want, not less.

Rebecca McLernon, Havelock Academy Sixth Form Induction

Programme Aims

Year 7 Induction

  • Improve student progress in general skills, confidence and aspirations

  • Introduce students to self-leadership and leading others

  • Enable bonding between students creating a supportive culture

  • Enhance the challenging transition into secondary school for new Year 7 pupils

I am more confident overall now, I have improved and made new friends… It's been an outstanding experience.

Katie, BACA

Year 12 Induction

  • Help students to think about their vision for sixth form and set tangible goals
  • Challenge the students to make the jump from GCSE to Sixth Form work, and understand what is expected of them (i.e. student, parent and teacher expectations)
  • Encourage the students to take responsibility for their own learning and to go beyond what is being asked of them in class
  • Build the students confidence, teamwork and commitment towards their vision through team work and presentation skills training/practice
  • Enable bonding between students creating a supportive culture within the Sixth Form
  • Launch the sixth form with a fun and interactive experience which the students will remember

The Course Director was inspirational and his team were positive, energetic and brilliant at relating to the students. I had a great day and speaking to just a few of them before they left they too were effusive in their praise of the day and its value, even the cynical ones!

Laura Young, Head of Sixth Form, Prior Park School

Year 13 Leadership and Mentoring

  • Future Foundations coaches will be supported by your year 13 future leaders

  • Selected year 13 students will receive leadership training before the induction days, and then have the opportunity to put this into practice with either the year 7s, or
    12s, or both.

  • Optional peer mentoring package available post-programme for year 7 or 12

I was giving up. I was letting life affect me too much and I just didn't care about work anymore. I wasn't focused on my work, because it just didn't matter to me. The FF programme motivated me to finish my coursework and revise for my upcoming exams.

Courtney, Student

Programme Options

Option A

Two hour Year 13 leadership training in parallel with the start of the year 7 or 12 Induction Day (or both).

Year 13 leaders then join the day and put what they’ve learnt into practice.

Option B

Half-day leadership training with Year 13 the day before the Year 7 or 12 (or both) induction programme.

Year 13 leaders then join the following day and put what they have learnt into practice.

Option C

Half day leadership training with Year 13 the day before the Year 7 or 12 (or both) induction programme, plus the launch of a mentoring programme which includes an in-school follow up with one of our coaches.

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