Raise awareness of Higher Education, develop
leadership skills and increase confidence,
teamwork and personal aspirations.

felt energised and excited about their future post programme
rated the programme 4 or above out of 5
of students more confident as a result of the programme


Typically a two day, one night residential in July (please advise us of your preferred dates)


Churchill College, Cambridge University. This is our preferred venue of choice for this programme, other options are available upon request.

Year Group?

Typically year 8 but this programme can be modified for year 9.

Number of Students?

We recommend 50 students for the young people to get the most out of this programme.

I found it extremely motivating, it's been an amazing experience for me - one that I will cherish.

Student 2014

Programme Aims

Higher Education

  • Increase students’ awareness of the University of Cambridge, the Colleges and of Higher Education in


  • Enable students to discover what they can study at university, tuition style and student lifestyle.

  • Inspire the students with stories of what the alumni of Cambridge colleges go on to do.

  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their futures; to be proactive in their approach to their studies and the future benefits of doing so.

My experience with FF has been outstanding.

Student 2014


  • Help the students to understand what it means to be a leader

  • Communicate the importance of leadership and the future leadership needs for society

  • Foster the belief that with gifts/ talents comes a responsibility to use them for the better of others

It helped me raise my confidence, and it was very fun and inspirational.

Student 2014

Personal Development

  • Open students’ minds to goal setting and equip them with time management skills

  • Help students to gain confidence through a talent show, public speaking workshops and feedback sessions

  • Provide a fun, interactive and motivational boost which the students and teachers will remember

I learnt so much and I'm not frightened about the future anymore :-).

Student 2014

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