I started my journey with Future Foundations as a coach eight years ago. Using my performance background (I trained as an actor at Drama Centre London) I quickly realised that with the combination of this and FF’s brilliant programmes I could really contribute in helping young people to make real change in their lives.

Having thrown myself into the coaching role and gaining invaluable on programme experience I started to undertake the running of the programmes. National Citizen Service (NCS) for Berkshire was my first challenge, the success of which led to FF winning the chance to run NCS Leaders for the top 100 students in the country. My highlight was taking twenty students to 10 Downing Street to discuss youth provision in this country with the Prime Minister’s right hand men.

I then spent 2 years full time at FF headquarters in Clapham as a Senior Project Manager running all kinds of programmes from one day to residential, as well as being involved in marketing, website design and sales.

I am thrilled to be currently running the AWS Get IT programme in Partnership with Amazon Web Services, which is visionary year 8 programme to inspire young people, especially girls, to break down gender stereotypes and to get into IT.