Lexy joined Future Foundations in January 2021 as a Project Coordinator. She first heard of the company after she participated in one of our legacy programmes, The McKinsey Leadership Academy, in 2014. She was so inspired by the type of programmes that Future Foundations deliver that she came back 7 years later!

Having spent a couple of years after University deciding what was her important to her, she realised that working for a company where she believes in their mission was at the heart. Lexy spent her time in school and at university volunteering within different charitable organisations that focused on social development for adults and young people with learning difficulties. She also spent two months working on an education development programme in Fiji, which confirmed that working within the youth development sector was where she felt that she could make the most impact. It was then that the opportunity to work for Future Foundations appeared and, of course, she had to apply!

Lexy is really looking forward to working on a variety of projects that Future Foundations deliver and starting her journey with them to develop the leaders of the future.