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Steve began his career as an engineer. He worked for GEC and AGFA UK, and while in these roles he struggled to find a sense and purpose in his job. He decided he had to find something he had a passion for and realised that he had a passion for changing people’s lives and helping them to reach their full potential.

He left his job and joined Kingsmead Secondary School in Enfield as a mentor working with young people. He had found his calling and was soon promoted to Positive Achievements Manager for the school. Working at the school, Steve won the award for the ‘Most Positive and Inspirational Person in Enfield’ given by Enfield Council.

He then decided it was time to set up his own business and set out to change young people’s lives through motivational and inspirational talks, sessions and workshops employing the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approach to learning.

This is his 10th year in the business of supplying tools – not rules – to help young people change their lives for the better.

Steve has more than 15 years’ experience gained in speaking on change, motivation, communication and understanding teenagers. He has written and published 5 books with Amazon on all of these topics.
He is an international speaker, trainer, and presenter; skilled in employing clarity, innovation, and humour to deliver effective presentations on change and communication.

He facilitated a workshop to the top 10 senior global leaders within the Barclays Bank organisation and 50 Year 12 students from Cardinal Pole School in Hackney, East London.
He delivered this business workshop on behalf of Leaders’ Quest, an organisation who delivers leadership development programmes to senior global leaders across the world.

He is presently being featured by Barclays as their lead Life Skill facilitator on their broad scale marketing campaign (TV and Online) throughout the UK. Steve also delivered training sessions for Barclays Bank at the Wembley Conference Centre on supporting their staff with tips and techniques in the delivery of their Life Skills programme.

“When Steve speaks he loves changing lives for the better, which I observed at first hand, he is a first class speaker and character. He has a rare gift to captivate an audience for over 2 hours.

Jeremy Waxman OBE (Head teacher) of Kingsbury High School, Kenton.

“We have used Steve services each term for the past 3 years, he has the ability to engage young people and also help them think about their inner potential and how to take action.

Alex Atherton (Head teacher) of Park View Academy, Tottenham.

“I have had the privilege to watch Steve working with challenging, disaffected and vulnerable young people for whom learning RESPECT themselves and others has been key to changing their attitude and improving their life chances.”

Sue Warrington (Head teacher) of Chace Community School, Enfield.

“Steve is an amazing speaker who knows how to engage an audience but also how to teach them important lessons through his words”

Christine Harvey (Assistant Head teacher) Kingsbury, Kenton.

“I’ve employed Steve services for over 5 years and he has always exceeded me, the staff and the student’s expectations. I have employed many speakers whilst supporting various programmes throughout the years, and Steve is easily the best, not just because his content, but his high level of professionalism throughout his visit. His punctuality, attire, and willingness to support the students and staff after his talks/sessions. A perfect role model”

Paul McCann (Assistant Head teacher) Claremont School, Harrow.

“Steve has been the lead facilitator for many of our senior leader workshops, and the feedback received has been nothing short of outstanding. His ability to engage an audience irrelevant of age or ability is second to none, with his knowledge and humour playing a key part in the huge success of the workshops. Steve delivers interactive, fun and hugely informative sessions which play an integral part in developing students across the country. I cannot praise Steve enough for his talent in presenting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

Alice Hendy, LifeSkills Co-ordinator at Barclays Bank

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