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Lina Says “I work with young people and adults.  Both clients share the same coaching principles. Having worked with young people now for over seven years, I absolutely love witnessing a young person progress through the sessions and talks about the changes they made and how life just seems easier and exciting.  I have been fortunate to work with various youth led organisations in delivering programmes, as well as personal mentoring programmes. It is one of the most fulfilling parts of my work.

I have coached over 3000 young people and delivered programmes from goal setting, confidence building, presentation skills, speaking skills, and I have recently developed a leadership programme “leadership in action”. I have trained PGCE students at Middlesex University on coaching techniques and tools.  The teachers can also take the opportunity to be coached, as these sessions would support them with confidence in the classroom and communication with young people.

Coaching is an effective way to share knowledge and understanding of skills which young people may not have the opportunity to learn.  Coaching has proven, to improve overall performance of many students and led them to become positive and active within the school environment.  Taking on more challenging roles and being a role model for other students. It has given them the confidence to build healthier relationships with their peers and teachers.

If you are interested in providing young people the opportunity to understand their true potential and let them explore how they can succeed in life then get in contact with me through the form and we can have a discussion on how we can work together. “

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Goal Setting, Personal Development, Motivation, Creative Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Confidence


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