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At the age of 18 Ella went from being a school leaver to living in a castle in France nannying for a family with a net worth of £80million. After witnessing first hand that money can’t buy you happiness, she began to consider what drives people and if there was a formula for bringing contentment into people’s lives. She moved to London where she was quickly promoted in a start-up working in account management and sales for 2 years until leaving to follow her passion for the arts.

Working on a community project with the Battersea Arts Centre in March 2012 Ella met a 16 year old girl who was making positive choices in her life but was still lacking confidence and struggling as she began her transition into adulthood. Ella stayed up until 4am brainstorming ideas for solutions and within 10 days was pitching her ideas at an interview at Future Foundations. Her raw enthusiasm and intuitive approach has led her to Course Direct and Coach on a variety of programmes including The Legacy Careers Project, The McKinsey Leadership Academy, National Citizen Service, National Citizen Service Leaders, Chrysalis Summer schools and multiple one day Step Up programmes.

When she is not on delivery Ella works as an Artis Performing Arts Specialist and can be found writing/performing/improvising in theatres.

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Personal Development, Theatre style sessions to help achieve potential, Motivation, Creative Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Confidence


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