Do you know a creative, young person who wants to protect and celebrate our natural environment?

We support young people to tell powerful stories and create meaningful environmental social action projects which support their wellbeing.


The Bertha Earth Online Programme is currently open to 11-18-year-olds. The program allows young people to deepen their connection to nature, develop their storytelling skills and learn practices which will support their wellbeing.

Young people can join our summer Project Planet Love campaign, where they will have the flexibility to carry out a project online, in their homes or if possible in their wider communities.
From September 2020, participants will be given the opportunity to deep dive into our One year In School Ambassador Program.

Project Planet Love Campaign

We want young people to run with their imagination, to innovate and to break the rules, nothing is off the table. From poetry to podcasts to art installations to surfboards made of sustainable material, this is their chance to celebrate our natural environment in their own unique way.

What’s included:

1. A summer challenge pack to support the creation of a project
2. Opportunity to be part of a supported National Campaign
3. Online storytelling and creativity hub to inspire new ideas
4. Storytelling platform to share their projects

One Year Ambassador Program

What’s included:

1. A comprehensive challenge pack to support the creation of a project
2. Opportunity to be part of a supported National and Global Challenge
3.Online guidance and mentorship to complete the challenge
4. Online Support through a youth-led storytelling platform
5. Opportunity to work alongside the Central Film School
6. Expert feedback and support when you submit your project idea
7. Opportunity to win a fully-funded 5-day rural retreat at Jamie’s Farm
8. Opportunity to attend a Celebration Event in 2021
9. Bertha Earth Ambassador certificate upon completion

Outcomes include:

1. Deepen love and care for nature
2. Learn how to create an impactful social action project
3. Learn from and receive feedback from facilitators and experts
4. Develop impactful storytelling and how to listen and learn from other peoples stories
5. Learn how to deepen practices around self-care and personal reflection
6. Be part of current conversations around key environmental issues
7. Learn how to deal with complex situations and challenges
8. Develop imagination and the generation of new ideas
9. Grow the ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them

"People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure”

David Attenborough

We're excited to be working with

Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm is where we will deliver our 5 Day Rural Retreat. Jamies Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Central Film School

Central Film School (CFS) aims to nurture talent and support content creation that can change things in our world.CFS will be facilitating workshop sessions in schools and will be providing content on our youth-led storytelling platform.

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