Are you or do you know someone who cares about the environment, wants to learn new skills and make a difference?

We support young people to create meaningful environmental social action projects, become skillful storytellers and improve their wellbeing all whilst having fun!

“We cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

Welcome to Bertha Earth.

We are delighted to share two fully-funded opportunities for a limited number of schools in the South West and London regions.

The first is our summer challenge ‘Project Planet Love’ which is open to Year 7s and Year 8s. The second is our 1 year Bertha Earth Ambassadors Programme for the new incoming year 7 students, starting January 2021.

How to register for the Project Planet Love Summer Challenge

‘Project Planet Love’ is free and open for all selected schools. Before students can take part, teachers will need to register your school first. Students can only enter once that has happened. Registration for the challenge closes on 31st of July.  To register click here.

How to register your interest for our Bertha Earth Ambassadors Programme

  1. Teachers please complete a registration form here
  2. Once registered you will be invited to chat further with us
  3. If your school is selected for the programme your students will then be able to apply to take part

Places are limited. We therefore recommend you apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


“No-one will protect what they don’t care about” – Sir David Attenborough

This summer we are inviting Year 7s and Year 8s to combine their personal passions with their love for the planet. It will involve brainstorming what they love the most and submitting their ideas in a format that will really showcase their passions and what they care most about the planet. The top 3 entries will win a prize from a book voucher to an editorial spread in an environmental magazine and £300 cash for their school.

NB: For students to take part, teachers must first register here. There is also a link to the project guide.


BE Ambassadors is a free and pioneering 1 year environmental, storytelling and social action programme for Year 7 students.

It combines immersive learning, by way of a residential retreat, as well as tailored in school workshops delivered by expert facilitators and team coaches. As well as teaching the students how to create and deliver a meaningful social action project our core focus will also be about personal growth and wellbeing, emphasising the importance of self-care.

Committed students can progress to a second year of the programme where they will get a chance to develop their project further and will be trained to return as a peer mentor to support the incoming cohort.

Ambassadors and Mentors will be encouraged to remain as part of the Bertha Earth community, continuing to share their stories and adventures through our Bertha Earth Stories platform.

What’s included:

  • 5-day rural retreat at Jamie’s Farm in a small team of 13 (inc. board and travel)
  • 6 in-school workshop sessions with expert facilitators
  • Opportunity to work alongside The Central Film School & other key partners
  • Online support through a youth-led storytelling platform
  • A Storytelling and Celebration Event and a BE Ambassadors certificate
  • Becoming part of a supported National and Global Challenge
  • A comprehensive challenge pack to support the creation of a project
  • Online guidance and mentorship to complete the challenge
  • Teacher training and support

Outcomes include:

  • Deliver a meaningful social action project
  • Know how to self-organise and build a strong community around one shared vision
  • Stronger communication skills and increased confidence
  • Develop impactful storytelling and how to really listen and learn from other peoples’ stories
  • Know how to deepen practices around self-care and personal reflection
  • Be more involved in current conversations around key environmental issues

Next Steps…

As a reminder, if you wish to take part in ‘Project Planet Love’ this summer teachers you will need to register your school first before students can enter. Register here. Our Terms and Conditions for entry to the competition can be found here

If you wish to be considered for the Bertha Earth Ambassadors programme, teachers you will need to complete a registration form, then be invited to chat with us. Only if your school is selected to take part in the programme will your students then be able to take part. Register early to avoid disappointment!

We’re excited to be working with

Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm is where we will deliver our 5 Day Rural Retreat. Jamies Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Central Film School

Central Film School (CFS) aims to nurture talent and support content creation that can change our world. CFS will be facilitating workshops and will provide content on our youth-led storytelling platform.

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