Teacher of the Year Awards 2020

The AWS GetIT Teacher of the Year Awards mark the vital contribution that school staff make to the AWS GetIT programme. The awards recognise the expertise and dedication that are the characteristics of an outstanding teacher.

In a nomination survey nearly 100 participants told us…

  • Why they thought their teacher was Teacher of the Year.
  • What they would like to thank their teacher for.
  • Which of the Amazon principles their teacher had been committed to.

The winner(s) were selected by the AWS GetIT team at Future Foundations. 

ALL teachers have received a commendation certificate to acknowledge and thank them for their work and commitment to the programme throughout the year.

And the award goes to…

Corinne Sherman

– Bristol Free School –

“Wow! I am sat here in tears, overcome with emotion! Fabulous email to receive and lovely to read the nominations. It was absolutely worth giving up every lunchtime to support our wonderful students and I am so proud of each and every team that took part. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the students better and seeing them develop in activities outside of the classroom with such passion and professionalism is the most amazing thing. It has been a brilliant experience and we’re looking forward to the postponed Finals and taking part again next year.”

Dr Uche Oguchienti

– Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form –

“I am so surprised with this nomination because I wasn’t expecting it at all. Thank you so much for everything. You and your colleagues at Amazon Web Services and Future Foundations have been so brilliant all the way through. You have been so encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process I couldn’t have got the students that far without the support. Big shout outs to Emily Clark who was the general organiser, Veronica Klamar who came for the initial assembly and the revisit at the school, Ramat Tejani that led the powerful boot camp session and all staff attached to the programme. All I can say is a massive thank you and I cannot wait for the next year of events with AWS GetIT.

Thank you.”

Why AWS GetIT teachers are so awesome…

As we received nearly 100 nominations, below we have featured quotes from participants about why their teacher is (in their eyes) the best!

“My teacher deserves to win teacher of the year because she has supported my team and I through all the set backs we have experienced. She has encouraged us to keep going when we felt like quitting.”

“I believe my teacher should be teacher of the year because in class she is always helpful to everyone and is always trying to get us to do our work quick enough so we can go onto laptops. She is also patient with the class even when majority is speaking. Finally I can tell she is passionate about computer science (which is what she teaches.)”

“She is an amazing teacher! She has given up all of her lunch times in order to help us prepare. She always had time for us and helps us whenever we need it. She has been there through the ups and downs of the competition helping us strive to be awesome and do well in the competition.”

“She has been a great guide through the competition and always give us good ideas and always has a smile on her face.”