2019/20 has been a second successful year of delivering the AWS GetIT programme in partnership with Amazon Web Services!

During the last academic school year (2019/20), 95 UK schools were invited to enter a competition to design an app that would help the school or their local community. We received 156 project submissions, and sent out over 1,300 certificates to celebrate their achievements.

All projects have been reviewed by GetIT volunteers and ambassadors, which enabled us to shortlist the top 10 teams who have been invited to participate in the semi-final.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s semi-final and final were postponed until the students were back in the classroom. Both events will be taking place in October 2020 and will be delivered virtually.

We are so excited to see the top 10 teams present their app ideas for a second time, and for the students to get the opportunity to present their ideas to the AWS judges.

Until then, we wanted to share some fantastic student feedback from a few of our top 10 teams!

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School: Halcyon

This app helps teenagers achieve a stress-free life by giving them ways to combat stress

 “I feel pretty great that I was able to contribute to this project. This is the foundation for me to become more confident in Computer Science and to help people with problem solving.”


 “This has definitely been the best experience of my life! I am so happy that we have made the semi- finals. My favourite part of the experience was definitely going to the boot-camp and seeing the real Amazon offices and this whole experience has really made me consider a career in Computer Science!”


“It is amazing how far we have got, I am really proud of me and my team!”


“I enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to see how apps are actually made instead of just seeing the final product. I never thought we would get this far!”


I enjoy Computer Science and I am very grateful for having this opportunity, I never thought we would make it to the semi- finals!”


Walton High: Track My Child

An app to keep loved ones safe that provides alerts and notifications to parents when their child enters neighbourhood watch zones or police checked zones

“My AWS experience is a good one. I have learnt new things and got to go on trips to further my learning. It was exciting as I had to think harder than I normally would to make good designs and presentations.”


“This was an experience I took very seriously. It was great being able to see how to design an app and what people working for Amazon do.”


“I have found AWS a fun and new experience. I have learnt the key things you need to create an app, how long it actually takes, and how to work in a team. When I heard we had made it to the top 10, I was very excited and extremely proud of the work me and my teammates had managed to do.”


“I am exceedingly grateful and happy for our app to be chosen as top ten. I was astounded with the feedback and I hope that what I can still bring to this team will be useful and can help push us further to winning!”


My AWS experience has been something extraordinary, as I didn’t expect to come this far. It has also been a huge learning curve; I have gained some knowledge of the different things you could do to create a successful app, and so much more. I hope that the things I have learnt, stay with me and I can learn more in the future.”


Dame Alice Owens School: Apatheia

This app is designed to help children with IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) or other similar mood disorders cope and stay calm in and out of school environments

“This competition has been a fun and useful experience which has helped me develop my skills of teamwork. We are proud of our app which could benefit many others around us”


“I have really enjoyed working on the AWS GetIT project and I think it has provided us with an amazing opportunity, being part of the semi-finals is an incredible and unique experience for me”


“I have really enjoyed working on the AWS project and I am so happy and proud to be a part of a team in the semi-final. This has been a really great experience”


“The experience was pretty thrilling. It just started off as a simple class work thing and I had no idea we would even get this far. I have learnt lots of things like how to present PowerPoints professionally and much more. It’s pretty overwhelming to be in the top 10!” 


“I feel like I have learnt a lot about different processes and how to communicate and work efficiently in a team.”


Bishop’s Stortford College: Social Circle

This app has been designed to help people who suffer from social anxiety through a process of setting goals, following a clinically proven format.

“With our app, Social Circle, my biggest hope is to make a difference for those who face Social Anxiety on a daily basis by helping them to become more confident in what can seem to be daunting situations, as well as to offer support for those who are scared to seek help.”


“The best part of the AWS Get IT experience for me is that I got to work in a team to make something that I believe can help people.”


“My favourite experience when doing the AWS Get IT competition was when we performed or app in front of the whole school. During the competition, I have learnt how to make a survey and try and help others.”


The best part of the AWS Get IT experience for me was going to bootcamp, as it was really fun taking part in all of the workshops. I have learned a lot about how apps are designed, how to narrow down ideas to the best few and what technology makes AWS-operated apps.”


“I have enjoyed being part of a great team and working as a team to achieve something amazing. it was so nice to work with people I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work with.”


Putney High School: Infinite School

An app to facilitate the sale of second-hand uniforms in schools with the aim to reuse and reduce.

“The design process was really fun, as we were able to apply the many different aspects of designing an app into our app design, as a team! I felt so excited  that our team was shortlisted, as we all worked really hard as a group to create the design for the app!”


“The design process was really fun and exciting because we all had different ideas, but we managed to merge them into one amazing creation that would lead us to where we are now.”


“It feels absolutely wonderful to have been shortlisted as we spent a lot of effort on our app, I had such fun creating all the prototypes for it and I learnt so much about how to start an app.”


“It’s a really great experience and I learnt lots from the design process.”


“The design process was extremely fun and I really enjoyed it. I loved that we could all use our different skills and apply them to make a great team!”


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