If you are an alumni school, please do not submit an application for the programme. Check your inbox (including spam folders) from an email from our team, which includes how to re-register your details for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year.

About the programme

AWS GetIT is a fully funded programme delivered in partnership with Amazon Web Services. GetIT aims to encourage girls to consider a career in tech and challenge gender stereotypes within the industry. The programme sees groups of 12 to 13 year old students designing an app that makes real, tangible social change within their school or local community.
The AWS GetIT programme started in 2018 and over the last 3 years has been delivered in the UK, Ireland and Germany.
AWS GetIT aims for students to...
  • Build design and digital skills;
  • Learn more about technology from industry professionals;
  • Feel empowered to break down gender stereotypes;
  • Gain confidence and presentation skills;
  • Consider a career in technology.
The AWS GetIT programme begins in line with the autumn school term, starting with a school assembly to launch the programme and inspire the students. An AWS or Amazon female Ambassador will introduce the programme and give a talk that focuses on the wealth of opportunities that exist for women working in technology.
Following the assembly, students will be challenged to enter an inter-school app-design competition focused on solving issues in their school or local community! As part of the programme students will take part in the AWS GetIT Bootcamp. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the different types of technology and how best to design their app. This will be delivered virtually with a series of videos and other online content, and with support from the schools AWS/Amazon Ambassador.
In the New Year schools will have a visit from their AWS Ambassador to check-in with the students and see how they are progressing with their app ideas in the run up to the final submission. Each school can submit two team’s app ideas to the competition. All submissions are then judged and the top 10 selected for the Semi-finals where team’s will present their ideas in person to a group of judges from AWS.
Schools nationwide taking part in AWS GetIT 2019/20
12-13 year-olds reached through assemblies in 2019
AWS GetIT bootcamps delivered across London, Manchester and Cambridge

AWS GetIT Alumni

AWS GetIT provides alumni schools with opportunities and experiences that will help inspire students to consider a career in technology. Alumni are invited to attend a Mentoring Afternoon Tea in the year immediately following the programme. Students are mentored by women in tech and can ask them about how they started their career in technology.
They are designed to give female students an opportunity to learn more about IT as a career choice and benefit from the mentors own observations and learnings.
AWS GetIT's female mentors and ambassadors work in varying business sectors and all have unique, inspiring stories to tell. Examples of companies involved in the programme include Deliveroo, HSBC, JustEat and Lego.

Past Programmes

is the average increase of girls who chose IT or a tech subject at GSCE from 2018/19 to 2019/20
Schools scored the impact of the programme 4.1 out of 5
of schools reported that the majority of girls who took part in AWS GetIT are interested in pursuing IT or a career in technology in the future

“The Head of ICT has reported that this cohort has the biggest uptake amongst the girl's school historically.”


"From the pilot year in 2018-19 to now, we have seen a dramatic increase in our girls taking IT as a GCSE - a rise from 4 to 12 girls!"


“The competition sky rockets their interest [in IT] and the handful who get to come to Amazon remember the experience and has a big impression on them - they see the variety of careers and that it’s not just men typing at their computers.”


“It has inspired me to want to make a difference in technology. It has encouraged girls to feel included in technology and to work alongside boys. It was a fulfilling experience!”

Charlotte, 12Particpant

“All the ambassadors were extremely nice, helpful and understanding, and made all the instructions clear and fun.”

Clio, 13Participant

“It opened their eyes to the kinds of jobs out there, as many thought that working for a tech company was all about computers and coding. They realised that they didn't have to be technically minded but could be on the design and ideas side of things.”


“It celebrated and empowered young women. It was great to have a workshop in a real-life working office, it was quite inspiring for our girls to see. It has given our girls an opportunity they wouldn't have otherwise had. They could join in all activities equally.”


“I was inspired and left thinking whether I should do this as a career.”

Tiah, 12Participant

“Students have been engaged in the content and the creative atmosphere.”


“Students had a totally new experience in an exciting environment. They were made to feel welcome, supported, and encouraged.”











Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS? How is it different to Amazon?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform, offering fully featured services from data centres globally. Cloud computing is a term referred to storing and accessing data over the internet. It doesn’t store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer, and you can access data from a remote server. AWS offers a wide range of different business purpose cloud-based products including

storage, database, networking, mobile and development tools.

Amazon is a technology company and offers a wide range of services – it is most famous for its online marketplace. Amazon has several popular products such as Amazon Prime, Alexa, Kindle and Echo.

How much does the programme cost?

Schools do not pay to join the programme and it is funded by AWS. As part of the programme you are provided with one to one support from an AWS or Amazon Ambassador.

We have a small bursary fund to help schools who face major financial barriers i.e. travel or access to resources. They will need to apply and justify that they qualify against our eligibility criteria i.e. premium pupil students or lack of funds/resources.

Who are ambassadors and what is their role?

Ambassadors are women who work at AWS or with their partners. All Ambassadors go through training and are DBS-checked. They work with schools throughout the competition to support students and are passionate about making a difference and inspiring the next generation.

The programme is aimed at girls, but can boys take part?

While this programme is aimed at girls, we welcome boys to take part as we’re keen for everyone to be aware of the opportunities in the technology, and to challenge the gender stereotype within the industry.

We want boys to be the champion of girls – the reality is that under 30% of all jobs in technology are held by women. Throughout history we have seen examples of great women like Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, and Katherine Johnson, who was a NASA employee and featured in the film Hidden Figures. They have left a legacy for future generations and we want young people to continue in their footsteps!

How many people can be on a team?

Teams should be 3-7 students. Each school can submit two final ideas/projects to the final. Remaining teams should still submit their ideas and will receive a certificate of recognition from AWS, so please encourage as many teams to be involved as possible.

I have more boys than girls interested in the programme, can they still form a team?

Each team must be at least 50% girls and an equal gender split to take part in the competition. AWS’ commitment is based on something more fundamental: it’s simply right that we ensure inclusion and diversity.

We want to challenge the gender stereotype within this industry and ensure we’re encouraging as many people, (especially girls), to explore careers in technology.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams should be 3-7 students. Each school can submit two final ideas/projects to the final. Remaining teams should still submit their ideas and will receive a certificate of recognition from AWS, so please encourage as many teams to be involved as possible.

Do the members of the teams need to have any prior technical ability or knowledge?

In short, no. We want as many of your students to get involved as possible,  not just those who may already have an affinity to technology. Students can start designing their app but must remember that it needs to be focused on tackling/ solving real local issues. The programme is designed to be inclusive for those who don’t have in-school curriculum on app building and can run as a lunchtime club or after-school club. We can work to support you on how to set up the programme and hope the launch assembly generates lots of interest!

If we are a SEN school can we still run the competition? What extra support/resources are available?

Yes, absolutely. We can tailor the programme to match the needs of your students and are available for telephone calls and video calls to support you during the whole process of the competition. If your SEN students are older or younger than the targeted age group i.e. 12-13 year-olds, they can still take part in the programme and we will work through this with you as we are passionate about ensuring there are no barriers to participating in the programme.

What happens at a Bootcamp?

They are fun-filled sessions for students to find out more about technology and meet their AWS GetIT Ambassadors! We want young people to be inspired and continue to plan and design their app. Participating students are invited to learn more about making apps, the technology behind them and how to present and pitch their ideas  to a large audience. We have also designed resources for you to run a Bootcamp in school. (The Bootcamp was delivered entirely online for 2020-21 due to COVID-19)

How do we decide who attends the Bootcamp?

There will be more details closer to the time to explain how Bootcamps will work. Students selected to attend a Bootcamp have a responsibility to share and present learnings back to their peers. (The Bootcamp was delivered entirely online for 2020-21 due to COVID-19)

How should we run the second visit from Ambassadors?

It is up to the school and Ambassador how to run this session. Some schools run another assembly, others get teams to present or pitch their ideas, and some follow up with a more pastoral 1:1 feedback session.

How do I submit the project?

Each school can submit up to two final submissions. You will need to submit a project via an online forum. Submissions should include a PowerPoint no longer than 10 pages, with your storyboard and any supporting materials.

If more than two teams took part in the competition but didn’t get through to the final two projects, they can record a summary of their app idea and names to ensure they are recognised and receive certificates of participation from AWS.

Why can I only submit two app ideas?

We have lots of schools taking part in the competition and want to judge fairly! An AWS panel selects teams with the 10 best ideas who are then invited to present at the semi-final and final where the winning app is announced.

How do I select the final two teams for the final?

In the Teachers Pack there is judging criteria and scoring to help you make this decision on the final two projects.

If it’s not clear which two projects you want to enter in to the final, you can run an in-school competition using the scoring sheet below. This is a way to enable full participation in the programme, and a transparent way to select the projects to represent your school.

You may want to whittle the projects down by holding quarter and semi-finals in your schools as part of assemblies, or hold a Dragon’s Den-style event. Another option would be a written application rather than presentations.

The 10 final teams with the best ideas will be invited to attend the semi-final, and present to a panel of industry experts. The AWS panel will then select a winning team at the final.

How can older students get involved in the programme?

To continue engaging with schools and students after they complete the AWS GetIT programme, female alumni students are invited to meet AWS GetIT mentors who come from a variety of industries – women in tech or men who are allies of women in tech. These events give students a chance to hear from a diverse range of women in technology, and for mentors to share their stories and support efforts to encourage young girls to consider a career in technology. We also offer opportunities for peer mentoring and the opportunity for older students to support teachers and the competition for new cohorts.