AWS GetIT Impact

AWS GetIT is a fully funded programme that we are delivering in partnership with Amazon Web Services.
We are now in our second year of the programme and proud to share the impact and fantastic feedback received from students and teachers.
You can find out more about getting involved in AWS GetIT at the end of this page.

The programme outcomes according to teachers:

  • Exceptional exposure to the AWS workplace at bootcamps.
  • Provoking teamwork and collaborative thinking.
  • Developing students presentations skills and confidence.
  • Demonstrating that there is a range of different roles in this industry, not just for programmers.
  • Inspiring students to consider taking IT as a GCSE, as well as considering a career in tech.

2018/2019 Winners featured on BBC Click

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What do students say about AWS GetIT?

I got to hear about people in this business and it inspired me to push harder to achieve our app and to pursue such a career in future.

It taught me valuable skills to take to the rest of my team. It made me want to have a career in IT.

It was a huge opportunity and I learnt a lot from all the sessions and staff about how to develop our idea. It was also really inspiring and exciting.

All the ambassadors were extremely nice, helpful and understanding, and made all the instructions clear and fun.

It gave me the opportunity to learn about lots of brilliant skills for my future.

It has inspired me to want to make a difference in technology. It has encouraged girls to feel included in technology and to work alongside boys. It was a fulfilling experience!

It inspired us to get a career in technology and we have more idea about the making of apps.

We got to work in a professional environment.

It was very interactive, and everyone could do it.


of participants feel they have a better idea of the technology behind designing an app.


of participants feel they have more ideas about the content of their app.


of participants feel their ambassador was helpful and inspiring.


of participants feel excited about the AWS GetIT programme.


of participants enjoyed the bootcamp sessions.


of participants rated the programme either 4 or 5 out of 5.

What do teachers say about AWS GetIT?

Excellent event that inspired the students who attended.

My students were given an insane opportunity that I would have loved when I was at school myself.

Students had a totally new experience in an exciting environment. They were made to feel welcome, supported, and encouraged.

It celebrated and empowered young women. It was great to have a workshop in a real-life working office, it was quite inspiring for our girls to see.

Inspirational programme that has a huge impact already.

It engaged the students and helped them to develop their ideas.

Students have been engaged in the content and the creative atmosphere.

Students enjoyed their time at bootcamp and were fully engaged.

My students loved coming to the Amazon offices and now all want to work here.


of teachers feel that the instructions are clear and concise for both students and teachers.


of teachers feel that their students benefitted from being at the bootcamp.


of teachers feel that their students are now inspired to consider a career in technology.


of teachers feel that as a teacher it was helpful to attend the bootcamp.


of teachers feel that their students were inspired and motivated to take part in the programme.


of teachers feel that the ambassador delivering the assembly was engaging and inspiring.