Welcome to the AWS GetIT Online Bootcamp!

On this page you will find all the information you need to know about this years AWS GetIT online bootcamp. The content and resources have been designed in a flexible format so that you can coordinate the sessions in way that suits you and deliver them in school. Your ambassador will be available to support you in various ways, such as sending a pre-recorded welcome video, helping with sessions three and seven online via web-conference, or over email/phone prior or post bootcamp.

It is a programme requirement for all schools to participate in the bootcamp, unless a valid reason is given. Please let us know that you are taking part by filling in the registration form below.

What is the AWS GetIT Online Bootcamp?

This year, we are bringing the AWS GetIT bootcamp to YOU! Usually, seven students from each participating school are invited to their local AWS office (whether that be London, Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh or Dublin). Bootcamp is a day of interactive learning focused on developing their app ideas, discovering more about the technology behind an app, and improving their presenting skills. 

Due to COVID-19 we are sadly unable to come together and deliver the bootcamp as we have done previously. However, running the event from school means that ALL students involved in the competition are able to participate and benefit from the content covered! If you have a student(s) that are isolating at home, please do share this page with them so that they can still take part. 

We have created 20 follow-along videos, activity handouts and a teacher session plan which are linked in the resources section below.


In total, the videos and activities equate to approximately three to four hours worth of content. This means that you could run the bootcamp off timetable as a morning or afternoon session, or split it across three to four weeks worth of sessions (before or after the Christmas holiday).

As the materials are online they are able to be accessed from school or home.

The resources page below is password protected. You will find the password in the most recent email sent regarding bootcamp. If you are unable to locate it, please email aws@future-foundations.co.uk

Staying Safe Online

Your schools safety during AWS GetIT is our main priority. We aim to create an inclusive, safe and enjoyable experience for the young people participating in the programme online.

We have linked the Code of Conduct Agreement below, to set out what is expected of the school when taking part in the online bootcamp and when/if communicating with your ambassador via web-conference. Please share this with your students before you get started. 

If you organise a virtual meeting with your ambassador to support you with sessions three and seven, you can refer to the template Risk Assessments linked below. 

Your Opinion Matters

To understand how you and your students found the AWS GetIT online bootcamp, we have linked two separate feedback forms below. It would be much appreciated if you could share the form with your students as soon as possible after completing all of the bootcamp videos and activities.   

At the bottom of the student’s form there is an option to upload an image or file of the work they completed during bootcamp. We would love to see what they got up to, so please encourage them to share this with us if you can!

Please note that we ask for the students first name and the name of their school so that we can track who has responded. We will not share the information collated with any third parties, and will store the data securely on our encrypted platform.

Next Steps

Once all schools are back after the Christmas holiday, we will be in touch to organise a feedback session that is delivered by your AWS or Amazon ambassadorThe purpose of the session is for your ambassador to give the students feedback on their app ideas and support them in the run up to the submission deadline (which is at the end of March). 

Included in the teacher feedback form are a few questions on this topic – asking how you would prefer the feedback session to be coordinated (in person, live via web-conference, or on email/over the phone), and whether you need any further support prior to this taking place. Please complete the form so that we have this information.

Thank you for taking part in the AWS GetIT online bootcamp. We sincerely hope you enjoyed it!